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BAS Remote

Product Overview

The BAS Remote series provide the system integrator a flexible building block when integrating diverse building automation protocols or when expanding the number of points in a building automation system. By supporting open system protocols such as BACnet®, Modbus and Sedona Framework SOX, the BAS Remote series is easily adaptable. For small systems, it can operate stand-alone. For larger systems, it can communicate to supervisory controllers over Ethernet. Depending upon the model, the BAS Remote has the flexibility to provide the following:

Versatile Control Device
Remote I/O, Router, Gateway and Controller

  • Web-page configuration
  • BACnet/IP Remote I/O
  • Modbus TCP Remote I/O
  • Modbus Serial to Modbus TCP Router
  • Modbus Serial to BACnet/IP Gateway
  • Modbus Master to Attached Modbus Slaves
  • Powered by Sedona Framework™ 1.2
  • Sedona Framework™ Certified
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Flexible Input/Output
Expandable by adding modules

  • Customizable webpages
  • Web Services
  • Six universal input/output points web-page configurable
  • Two relay outputs
  • Thermistor, voltage, current, contract closure, and pulse inputs
  • Voltage, current and relay outputs
  • 2-wire Modbus Serial Expansion port
  • 2-wire expansion port for up to three expansion I/O modules

BAS Remote Master - Versatile Web Appliance

The BAS Remote Master provides the ultimate in flexibility. It can be used for expansion I/O at remote locations where an Ethernet connection exists. Its built-in router and gateway capabilities address unique integration needs where more than one communications protocol is involved. It can operate as a function block programmable controller with its resident Sedona Framework Virtual Machine. Powered by a Linux engine, the BAS Remote Master can operate as BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP remote I/O, Sedona Framework controller, Modbus Serial to Modbus TCP router, Modbus Serial to BACnet gateway, and Modbus master  to attached Modbus slaves all at the same time. A 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port allows connection to IP networks and popular building automation protocols such as Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, and Sedona SOX. Six universal I/O points and two relay outputs can be confi gured through resident web pages using a standard web browser and without the need of a special programming tool. A 2-wire Modbus serial port can greatly expand the I/O count with built-in routing to Modbus TCP clients. If BACnet mapping is preferred, the unit incorporates a Modbus serial to BACnet/IP gateway. The BAS Remote Master also allows you to install custom web pages so you can view the status of your system in a convenient manner. And using its onboard Web Services, your IT department can easily interact with the BAS Remote Master.

Additional universal I/O can be achieved with the simple addition of BAS Remote Expansion modules. The BAS Remote PoE has the same capabilities as the BAS Remote Master except it is powered over the Ethernet connection thereby providing a "One Cable Solution".

Ordering Information

Model Description Price Purchase
BASR-8M BAS Remote Master, 6 Universal I/O + 2 Relay $395
BASR-8X BAS Remote Expansion, 6 Universal I/O + 2 Relay $295
BASR-8M/P BAS Remote Master with 8 I/O points and PoE $495

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