Firmware Upgrade BASrouter — Version 2.7.2

This procedure is for upgrading the firmware on a BASRT-B BASrouter or a BASRTP-B Portable BASrouter.

This major revision included the following changes in both the BASRT-B and the BASRTP-B:

To use this procedure, you must have a PC with a USB port and that is running Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7. You must also have a USB cable with a connector that matches that of your BASrouter. The firmware upgrade requires opening the router case. If you are uncomfortable in performing the upgrade, you can obtain a factory upgrade by returning your router using the instructions at:

NOTE: After performing the upgrade, reset the unit. When the Security Screen appears you will need the default user name of admin and default password of admin.

Each link below downloads a zipped file set that contains:

To download the BASRT-B BASrouter Firmware Upgrade Version 2.7.2 (6.4 MB), click here.

To download the BASRTP-B Portable BASrouter Firmware Upgrade Version 2.7.2 (6.4 MB), click here.