We’re huge proponents of the concept of “open control” and built our BAScontrol Series on the idea of open software and free programming tools. The BASpi was the next logical extension of that idea. We started tossing around this idea of making a controller on a micro PC to give home enthusiasts, students, and DIYers a truly open controller they can easily set up and use. If we can have open software, why not use open hardware? We’re fans of the Raspberry Pi and we noticed there weren’t any Raspberry Pi daughter boards which support building automation control requirements, specifically 0-10V analog inputs and thermistor inputs. We thought it would be cool to make a HAT which can be used in building automation systems. Because we had this technology in our BAScontrol products already, we were able to quickly bring this to a Raspberry Pi daughterboard.

We chose the Raspberry Pi because it is a powerful embedded platform, it is easily accessible, and it is the micro PC with the largest community which provides support in the form of custom applications, software tricks and neat “hacks”. Given that the community already has a lot of diverse applications for the Raspberry Pi, we wanted our expansion board to offer some new capabilities. Our BASpi hat provides enhanced hardware circuitry, web-based configuration, and free graphical programming software toolset for control applications. We wanted to truly enhance the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi3. We also wanted to keep both the hardware and software open, so we designed our BASpi hat so it can be run in conjunction with other applications on the Raspberry Pi. Combined with our BASpi hardware and software tools enhancements, the already powerful Raspberry Pi3 turns into an extremely capable control device with web based configuration, universal IO, and industry standard data communication and control protocol – BACnet.

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    Great little board!

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    Well I definitely enjoyed studying it. This information offered by you is very constructive
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