We’ve updated the BAScontrol Toolset to support the BASpi. The BAScontrol Toolset includes our Sedona Application Editor, our BASemulator and our BASbackup tools – and it’s available for free. BASpi users can download the free BAScontrol Toolset and use it with the BASpi-IO board to practice and implement sequences of operation based on industry-wide concepts such as graphical wiresheet applications – Sedona, and networked monitoring and control using the worldwide-accepted industry standard – BACnet.

We love Sedona’s a drag-and-drop graphical component programming  for control applications – it is open, unrestricted, and much easier to use than procedural languages traditionally used for programming control sequences.

BACnet is very powerful for networked control – it gives experienced building automation BASpi users a piece of mind, and to those who are new to the automation world, an insight of what the professionals are doing out in the field. With the BASpi-IO, we have given Raspberry Pi users the ability to learn and implement their own networked control applications.


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