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We recently heard from one of our early adopters of the BASpi who has it installed in a chiller pump room fancoil application in Florida:

The BASpi Univeral Inputs are used for three 10K type-2 thermistor curves and one for fan status – setup as binary input.

3 of the BASpi relay outputs are used, one for heating, one for cooling and a simple 2 position open/close valve – the only time it is off is when the unit shuts off at night. Programming was done in Sedona, the setpoint value is written to the BASpi based on a schedule from a supervisor over the network using a BACnet virtual point. BASpi point values are served over BACnet/IP to the supervisor for a graphic.


“It only took 2 hours or so to install, and I did not run into any issues. Very cool product, worked very well, and it has been running for over a month now in this nasty hot pump room. It is in a chiller plant that actually has openings in the walls (why they have this I do not know but it gets hot in there so it’s a good test!). I would certainly consider it for my future projects.”


If you have a BASpi, send us an email and let us know how you’re using it!

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