Designed for home automation enthusiasts, HVAC students and the maker community in general, the Contemporary Controls DIY products are not toys, but truly open controllers built on both open software and open hardware. Using the latest micro PCs and resident control software, these  products allow the user to create next generation Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

The BASpi I/O daughterboards are 12-point expansion boards for the Raspberry Pi which differ only in the makeup of their outputs. This latest addition to the BASpi family has 6x Universal Inputs, 4x Relay Outputs, and 2x Analog Outputs which allows for a whole new set of applications such as FCUs!

To create a controller, you need to download the free firmware from Contemporary Controls’ website to burn on a microSD card that you will install into your Raspberry Pi. Mount one of the BASpi I/O daughterboards on top of the Raspberry Pi, power it up, and you have a 12-point BACnet/IP Sedona controller.






Flexible Input/Output – 12-points of physical I/O

• Six configurable universal inputs: analog input
(0-10V), binary input, resistance, thermistor (10kT2,
10kT3, 20k), pulse input (max 40Hz)
• Four or six relay outputs (30 V @ 2A max current)
• Two or zero analog outputs (0-10V)
• 24 virtual points communicate with a BACnet client
• 48 web components communicate with web browser

Versatile Control Device

• BACnet/IP server over 10/100 Mbps Ethernet or Wi-Fi
(802.11 b/g/n)
• Resident Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM)
• Web page configurable with a common web browser over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
• NTP server or manually-settable clock
• BAScontrol Toolset compatible:
– Sedona Applications Editor (SAE)
– BASemulator – BAScontrol Emulation on a PC
– BASbackup – BAScontrol Project Utility


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