BASgateway EnOcean

Contemporary Controls is releasing a new product! You get to have a sneak peak in this article.

Consolidate your EnOcean wireless sensor and switch data to BACnet systems with the Contemporary Controls BASgateway EnOcean. EnOcean wireless energy-harvesting devices are freely-positionable, self-powered, and suitable for retrofits and newly constructed buildings. EnOcean technology provides high flexibility through ease of use and installation. Sensor and switch devices are upgradeable, expandable, and flexible to relocate at any time. The BASgateway EnOcean provides the system integrator with a flexible building block when integrating EnOcean wireless sensors and switches to BACnet/IP networks or expanding the number of points in an existing building automation system using EnOcean devices. Thanks to virtual routing technology, our gateway seamlessly discovers and connects to EnOcean switches and sensors and makes them appear as individual BACnet-compliant devices. EnOcean device profiles are built-in for easy integration to BACnet systems.

The BASgateway EnOcean provides the ultimate in flexibility. It features EnOcean device discovery with built-in device profiles and web-page configuration using a common web browser. In addition, it is Sedona programmable to allow system integrators to perform logical operations at the EnOcean connection level. For small systems, it can act as a stand-alone controller of EnOcean devices. For larger systems, it can control EnOcean devices as well as communicate to supervisory BACnet systems over BACnet/IP. This allows EnOcean devices to be easily combined with BACnet devices and supervisors in one automation system for maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

BASview3 – HTML5 BACnet graphical supervisor

Communicating over BACnet/IP, the BASgateway EnOcean can operate as a gateway to supervisory graphical interfaces such as the BASview3. This stand-alone, embedded, web-based graphical automation supervisor is totally self-contained and provides client functions such as trending, alarming, scheduling, runtime accumulation and animated graphic screens/dashboards. It is ideal for EnOcean applications where a number of clustered devices require a graphical interface with no licensing requirements.

EnOcean gateway office application


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