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Powered by Sedona Framework™

Developed by Tridium Inc., Sedona Framework is a software environment designed to make it easy to build smart, networked, embedded devices which are well suited for implementing control applications.  The Sedona language is a component-oriented programming language similar to Java or C#.  By utilizing this language, custom components can be developed and assembled into applications.  It is Contemporary Controls' intention to incorporate both Sedona components developed by Tridium and custom components developed by Contemporary Controls for use in our products.  The result is an effective, open-system approach to developing control devices that can be easily understood and supported by system integrators in developing control applications.

Contemporary Controls has become part of the Sedona Framework community by partnering with Tridium on their technology.  This community consists of device vendors, software developers, system integrators and end users.  Contemporary Controls’ dual role is that of a device manufacturer and software developer where we produce Sedona-based products to be used by system integrators and end users.  In order for system integrators to have confidence in our Sedona implementation, Contemporary Controls participates in the Sedona Framework Certification program.

For those familiar with Niagara Framework®, understanding Sedona Framework will be easy.  The system integrator’s role is to create an application by assembling components on a wire sheet and connecting and configuring these components using a graphical programming tool such as Niagara Workbench.  Applications can be developed live on a target device, such as the BAS Remote, BAScontrol20 or offline and then saved and uploaded via an IP connection.   The Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM) resident in the device executes the application.

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Product Summary

The BAScontrol20 is a 20-point field controller with a direct connection to an IP/Ethernet network. Ideally suited for structured wiring systems, the BAScontrol20 is BACnet/IP compliant with a B-ASC device profile. With its resident Sedona Virtual Machine, the unit can function as a Sedona Framework controller.

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BAS Remote

The BASremote is versatile in that it is both a controller and gateway. Up to 63 half-load Modbus serial devices can be connected to the BASremote. Modbus device profiles for common Modbus devices are available from Contemporary Controls. With its resident Sedona Virtual Machine, the unit can function as a Sedona Framework controller.

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