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Published: May 2018

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file containing information which is stored on your computer or device when you visit a website. Cookies perform a number of functions including identifying your device, to remember your preferences for the site or to enhance your experience using a website by, for example, making links between the site and social media platforms more seamless. A significant number of major websites use cookies, but you have the right to control how they work and what cookies are allowed on your computer.

If you wish to know more about how we manage your privacy and your preferences when providing personal information to us, please see our Privacy Policy.

The policy below describes cookies in some more details, how Contemporary Controls may use cookies and how you can control the cookies that are placed on your device. Please click on the links to expand the text.

What Information Does a Cookie Contain?

Cookies often hold very basic information, some of which may be identifiable, but which are used to enhance your experience of the website and allow us to monitor and improve our services.

A cookie may hold the name of the website that it belongs to and how long that cookie will stay on your device. In addition, there often a randomly generated code which is unique to the cookie to enable identification.

Your device's IP (Internet Protocol) address may also be placed in the cookie and this is classed as identifiable personal data.

We will always respect your personal data and your preferences. See below for more information about controlling cookies.

How Long Are Cookies Kept For?

There are two different attributes which can be given to cookies, making cookies "sessional" or "persistent".

Persistent cookies are kept on your device until their expiry date, or they are deleted. These are often used to remember things about you that make using our site better and easier for you.

Sessional cookies only exist for as long as you are browsing. When you close your browser on the device sessional cookies are deleted. These often track your use of the site so that the site can ensure you get information relevant to you and to what you are browsing.

What Types of Cookies Are There?

First party cookies – are cookies which we use directly to enhance the service we give to you and sometimes to ensure that relevant content is provided to you as you browse.

Third-party cookies – are cookies placed on our website with carefully selected partners and which help us to ensure that we are providing adverts and marketing to the right people, those who may be interested. Partners may collect anonymous information relating to web page views, for example. You may control third-party cookies via your browser settings.

What May Contemporary Controls Use Cookies For?

Contemporary Controls may use cookies for a number of purposes, all of which you have control over if you wish.

Cookies may be used to:

  • help with the security of the website
  • measure website use and help us improve the site
  • record your preferences for the site to remember them next time you visit
  • to track website use and serve relevant marketing
  • help us to make sure our pages are working properly and are optimised for the browser you are using.

Can I Control Cookies?

You can use your browser settings to accept or refuse cookies and many browsers allow you to select the types of cookies you want and don't want. Please check your browser settings to set these controls.

There are some cookies which by refusing them, may affect how the website works, sometimes these will remain on, but will not collect or store personal information about you.