CTRLink IP Routers


While Ethernet switches expand a single Ethernet network, Skorpion IP routers connect two Internet Protocol (IP) networks together—passing appropriate traffic while blocking all other traffic using either a wired or wireless connection. Either Ethernet-to-Ethernet (LAN-LAN) or Ethernet-to-modem (LAN-WAN) routing is possible with external DSL or cable modems. CTRLink's routers provide either NAT or PAT and a host of features, including a stateful firewall which makes a WAN connection as secure as possible.

The Skorpion series of IP routers eases the integration of new machines into the existing network. Each machine consisting of multiple IP devices connects to the LAN side while keeping the same IP settings for the devices and the application, lowering installation cost and eliminating trouble shooting. The IP address for the WAN port on the IP router is the only setting that requires modification allowing multiple machines to reuse the same configuration on the LAN side. VPN models of the routers can provide secure remote access from Contemporary Controls.

Skorpion IP Routers — cost-effective wired routers

The EIPR routers have a 10/100Mbps Ethernet WAN port and a built-in 4-port LAN switch. By installing the appropriate USB adapter, a Wi-Fi LAN connection can be made with either EIPR model, or in the case of a cellular adapter with EIPR-V, a WAN connection to a cellular provider can be made. The EIPR-V has a resident OpenVPN® client for accessing a virtual private network server—thereby creating a VPN tunnel with higher security. Available as DIN-rail mounting. Operating temperature 0 to 60°C.

Skorpion GigE IP Routers — gigabit wired IP and VPN routers

The EIGR series of IP and VPN routers add Gigabit ports for faster speeds and higher data throughput. The EIGR-E is a wired router while the EIGR-V router adds OpenVPN server/client. As a VPN Server, up to 15 router clients and 15 PC clients can be supported by EIGR-V in routed mode. The EIGR-VB differs from EIGR-V as it uses bridge mode as a VPN server with up to 10 clients. Operates over 0 to 60°C or −40 to +75°C, depending on model.

Skorpion GigE Cellular IP Routers — gigabit IP and VPN cellular routers

The EIGR-C series of cellular routers offers built-in cellular modem for easy connectivity to cellular networks. The EIGR-C router is approved for use on the carrier network and can be used at sites where wired connectivity is an issue. It has OpenVPN client for secure remote VPN site access and operates over 0 to 60°C or −40 to +75°C, depending on model.

Data Plans

Contemporary Controls can activate and provision its Cellular LTE devices on the Verizon network. This offers quick and easy commissioning of the devices on the jobsite. Let us activate the device for you to avoid having the router provisioned incorrectly when activated through other sources.