Training and Education with Contemporary Controls' Networking and Control Equipment

wall of bascontrollers wired for training session
training tables at college with wired hvac systems for training
bascontroller on training panel in a classroom setting

Networking and control equipment in the HVACR classroom/lab have always been important because instructors rely upon empirical evidence for theoretical knowledge. Modern HVACR classrooms use technology to network, control and analyze automation processes and require equipment which is intuitive and easy to use and understand by students. Equipment which is difficult to access or understand will distract students from learning the core concepts, causing students to have less time to focus on experimental work in the lab.

Contemporary Controls designs and manufactures the system building blocks for networking, integrating and controlling automation processes where performance and reliability are important. Our products are built upon open technologies such as BACnet®, Ethernet, Modbus®, Sedona, and are typically found in building and industrial automation industries. Our products do not require a license and are available to all without restrictions. Years of field-proven reliability – unlicensed and unrestricted – plus a complementary educational discount make our products perfectly suited for training and education. To support HVACR programs, Contemporary Controls has worked with several affiliated colleges and technical schools to create an automation classroom/lab experience that mimics the real world. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and offer free award-winning US-based technical support on all our products.

Contemporary Controls strives to help you produce the best HVACR graduates by providing reliable equipment, an educational discount on all hardware, and free software tools.

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Ethernet Support

Industrial Ethernet University

Industrial Ethernet University (IEU) was created to educate the public on the benefits of deploying Industrial Ethernet in a variety of solutions for applications. The material is vendor-neutral and provided free of charge. The on-going purpose of the university is to educate the public for the benefit of the industry.

Visit IEU to learn more.