Controllers BACnet Sedona Open Controllers


The BASautomation open controllers feature BACnet as a communications protocol and Sedona as a license-free function block programming language. The two series of controllers address unitary control and Micro PC Edge control. Each series is freely programmable using the free BAScontrol Toolset over an Ethernet connection. Pre-built application programs for common HVAC applications are also available.

Programming Resources

BAScontrol Unitary Controllers

The BAScontrol series of unitary controllers are ideal for general purpose applications, such as controlling fan coils, heat pumps, lead-lag pump sequences, and constant volume air-handlers and RTUs. All models support BACnet/IP server operation with some models supporting BACnet/IP client functionality as well. An MS/TP model supports BACnet client/server operation over BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP.

Micro PC Edge Controllers

The Micro PC Edge controllers utilize technology developed for two highly popular micro PC platforms but designed for commercial applications. The BASpi series utilizes the Raspberry Pi Micro PC, while the BASiot series has much the same functionality of the Beagle Bone Black Micro PC but has a similar footprint as the Raspberry Pi. Both Micro PCs utilize similar "HAT" boards which provide input/output servicing. Both these enclosed platforms utilize similar 4M size DIN-rail enclosures powered from a 24 VAC/VDC source. Both provide BACnet client/server functionality over IP or MS/TP.