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Contemporary Controls Manufacturing USA
Contemporary Controls Manufacturing USA

High Value Solutions for Unique Projects

Contemporary Controls designs and manufacturers networking and control products used in various automation industries where performance and reliability are essential. These products, along with our comprehensive design experience, allow us to offer original design manufacturing (ODM) services where we provide the product you require under your brand. With more than 40 years of experience in electronics design, development and manufacturing, we have a rich inventory of intellectual property that can be tapped for your next project. Two design and manufacturing locations provide private-label and ODM services. Leverage our design and manufacturing resources to reduce your costs and time-to-market.

What We Design, We Make

Contemporary Controls has two manufacturing locations, one in Downers Grove, Illinois and the other in Suzhou, PRC. Both operations are ISO9001:2015 registered and are under Underwriters Laboratories (UL) surveillance. In addition to self-manufacturing, Contemporary Controls sources complementary networking and control products for the convenience of our customers. The US operation has modern Panasonic multi-function, surface-mount technology (SMT) process lines that produce sophisticated, lead-free, high-density printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) that incorporate ball-grid-array (BGA) components. These PCBAs are then installed into their enclosures, tested and stored in their final packaging in an environmentally-controlled warehouse ready for worldwide shipment.

While the US operation is ideal for prototyping, and producing high-mix, low-volume and Made in USA products, the China operation with its sourcing partners are better suited for high-volume, low-mix production. In either location, intellectual property is protected.

Leverage Our Expertise

Contemporary Controls is available to design and manufacture products to your specifications that carry your brand and meet agency approvals. Leverage our design and manufacturing expertise without having your own factory or design group. Enter new markets quickly without having to invest time and resources in the development process.

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To learn more, watch our introductory video or read our ODM Brochure (PDF).