Remote Access Secure Remote Communication


A virtual private network (VPN) can provide secure access to remote job sites while giving systems integrators the flexibility to monitor and maintain systems from the convenience of their home or office. A VPN can exist between two end points, called a VPN tunnel. One end point (called a client) is at your office, and the other end point (called a server) is at the remote job site. Communication is encrypted, and only authorized devices can communicate over the VPN.

Contemporary Controls offers three VPN solutions to meet your remote access needs—our RemoteVPN subscription service, and our Self-HostedVPN and BridgeVPN solutions. Contemporary Controls' EIPR-V, EIGR-V series and EIGR-C series Skorpion IP routers support OpenVPN® client functionality and can be used with our RemoteVPN subscription service. Our EIGR-V and EIGR-VB routers can be configured as VPN servers for our Self-HostedVPN and BridgeVPN solutions. OpenVPN is a well-supported open-source VPN technology that incorporates SSL/TLS security with encryption.

RemoteVPN — Simplified Secure Remote Access Service

Contemporary Controls' RemoteVPN subscription service provides secure communication and the convenience of remote access without having to maintain the VPN server. Hosted on the Internet and maintained by Contemporary Controls, RemoteVPN incorporates a cloud-based OpenVPN server, OpenVPN clients for workstations and mobile devices, and OpenVPN routers installed at job sites.

Self-Hosted VPN — User Managed Secure Remote Access

For network savvy users, Contemporary Controls' Self-HostedVPN solution utilizes the EIGR-V Skorpion Gigabit IP router configured to operate in OpenVPN server mode. This allows the router to act as the VPN server capable of supporting Contemporary Controls' wired and cellular routers as VPN clients. This Self-HostedVPN solution provides wired or wireless remote access for multiple clients—up to 15 wired/cellular IP routers in OpenVPN client mode and 15 OpenVPN clients on PC/tablet/phone.

BridgeVPN — Single-Site Secure Remote Access

For single-site remote access, Contemporary Controls also offers a BridgeVPN solution which utilizes the EIGR-VB Gigabit IP router and the EIGR-C Gigabit Cellular IP router configured to operate in OpenVPN server mode as a wired and wireless bridge VPN server respectively. This BridgeVPN solution can support up to 10 VPN clients on Windows and Linux PCs.