CTRLink Unmanaged Switches for Simple Systems


For simple systems, plug-and-play unmanaged switches meet the need. These products operate "right out of the box" and can be put into service without any configuration.

Auto-negotiation, in which data rate (10/100/1000 Mbps) and duplex (half or full) are set between link partners without user intervention, is standard on copper ports. Auto-MDIX eliminates the need for a crossover cable when cascading switches. Models are available with either multimode (MM) or single-mode (SM) fiber optic ports to accommodate long distances through hostile environments. Fiber ports are fixed at 100Mbps data rate and use 100BASE-FX signaling at a wavelength of 1310nm.

Unmanaged switches provide a simple, cost-effective method of expanding Ethernet networks.

EISW Switch Series — wide-temperature range and compact size

The EISW switching hub provides the performance you need to expand Ethernet networks even in the most demanding environments. The EISW Series provides 10/100 Mbps performance on all ports to accommodate a range of control devices and workstations commonly found in an automation project. This low-cost compact unit utilizes a rugged metal enclosure, with DIN-rail and wall mounting installation. Its wide operating temperature range of –40°C to +75°C makes it suitable for outdoor applications.

Skorpion Switch Series — for cost-effective general purpose applications

For control panels where DIN-rail space is at a premium, the Skorpion unmanaged Ethernet switch series offers widths as little as one inch (26 mm). Operating temperature 0 to 60°C.

BAS Switch Series — for shallow-depth cabinets and wiring systems

Utilizing switching technology, the compact and low-cost EIBA switches provide five 10/100Mbps shielded RJ-45 ports. Each port is auto-MDIX compliant and can operate as an uplink port, eliminating the need for crossover cables. All ports automatically negotiate data rate, duplex and flow control. Panel or DIN-rail mount models available with operating temperature 0 to 60°C.

Ethernet Interconnect Unmanaged Switch Series

The EIS line of unmanaged switches within the Ethernet Interconnect Series accommodates up to eight 10/100 Mbps twisted-pair ports. A mix of fiber optic and twisted-pair ports is available in five and six-port models. The EIS complies with the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 864 Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems 10th Edition.