Press Releases

Press Releases


March 2017

BACnet Routers Offload Building Controller Communications
The eye-catching Henderson 688 is a “BEAM Plus” platinum award winning building located in Shanghai, PRC. A new Building Management System (BMS) installed at Henderson was based on BACnet/IP with the intent of accommodating future expansion plans. It needed to be cost-effective and dependable.

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February 2017

The Sedona Alliance: Championing the Creation of an Open Controller
Contemporary Controls, a Sedona Alliance member, believes that BACnet, coupled with an open programming language like Sedona, creates the opportunity for truly open controllers because both BACnet and Sedona are open source.

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January 2017

BACnet MS/TP Troubleshooting Simplified with Innovative Product Integration from Contemporary Controls and Optigo Networks
BACnet MS/TP troubleshooting can now be done remotely on demand or via scheduled analysis thanks to a one-of-a kind product integration from Chicago-based Contemporary Controls and Vancouver-based Optigo Networks.

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January 2017

ControlTrends Vendor of the Year 2016
Contemporary Controls is proud to announce our win as the ControlTrends Awards “Vendor of the Year – Small Manufacturer” in addition to winning “Peripheral Product of the Year” and the “Best Technical Support Company – Small Manufacturer”.

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January 2017

Truly Open Sedona Controllers Introduced at AHR 2017
During AHR Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, Contemporary Controls introduced their expanded BAScontrol Series of BACnet controllers that can be freely programmed using a Sedona Tool like Niagara Workbench or the freely available Sedona Applications Editor (SAE).

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January 2017

Learn More About the Sedona Alliance
The Sedona Alliance, which represents the interests of developers and users of an open control language technology called Sedona, has launched a website at

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November 2016

Modbus Integration Solved at Galeria Manhattan Shopping Mall
Contemporary Controls announced that three of their popular BASgatewayLX - Modbus to BACnet gateway - were used to integrate 66 SystemAir heat pumps at the newly renovated Galeria Manhattan shopping mall in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland. Each heat pump then appeared as a "virtual BACnet device" to the BACnet headend. A single BASgatewayLX can easily handle up to 30 Modbus devices and 1,000 points.

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May 2016

Sedona Developers meet at Niagara Summit 2016
A group of Sedona developers held their second organizational meeting during Niagara Summit 2016. Companies in attendance for the second meeting included Ontrol, EasyIO, GC5, SysMik/Phoenix Contact, BASSG, Solidyne and Contemporary Controls representing companies that produce Sedona devices or Sedona software.

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March 2016

Contemporary Controls' BACnet Discovery Tool Offers New Features
Contemporary Controls is pleased to announce the release of the latest iteration of its BACnet Discovery Tool, commonly referred to as BDT. For those unfamiliar, BDT is a free BACnet/IP application for Windows that is easy to install and use.

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January 2016

Contemporary Controls Releases the Sedona Application Editor to the Public
Contemporary Controls has produced three videos to help you better understand the functionality of SAE. The SAE allows for graphical development of control applications for Sedona devices such as Contemporary Controls? BAScontrol20, 22 and BASremote, along with Sedona devices from other manufacturers.

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December 2015

Contemporary Controls is Proud to Showcase Our Building Automation and Control Solutions at AHR 2016
We're looking forward to seeing you in Booth 1326 at AHR 2016 in Orlando. We'll be showcasing our portfolio of open building automation and control solutions that allow systems integrators to Integrate, Control, Visualize and Communicate. Here is a preview of some of the solutions we will be offering.

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April 2015

Contemporary Controls Celebrates 40yrs of Business by Offering Free Technical Book
Two-thousand and fifteen (2015) marks Contemporary Controls' 40th year of designing and manufacturing network automation products. This is a true American success story considering that Contemporary Controls, an international company, began in the basement of the Founder and President of the Company, George Thomas.

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March 2015

Contemporary Controls Increases Building Controller CPU Usage by Offloading MS/TP Traffic
Connecting our economical, standalone BACnet? routers to MS/TP networks frees up the building controller?s MS/TP communications which in return provides the building controller with increased CPU usage to be used for additional important tasks.

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October 2014

Contemporary Controls Presents Scalable Building Strategy at the Buildings Controls Show
Contemporary Controls? UK sales office is presenting the Scalable Building Strategy at stand number 39 at the Building Controls Show 2014. The Building Controls Show 2014 is the only exhibition in the UK dedicated to the building controls industry. For those not attending the event you can learn about our Scalable Building Strategy here.

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May 2014

Contemporary Controls Joins the EnOcean Alliance as Partner Member
Contemporary Controls, a developer and manufacturing of networking and control products, has joined the EnOcean Alliance as a Partner Member. Becoming a member of the well-established EnOcean ecosystem for sustainable buildings, Contemporary Controls pursues its consistent approach of providing integrated customized automation solutions, now integrating BACnet and EnOcean.

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April 2013

New High-Performance BACnet Router with Built-in Diagnostic Capabilities
Contemporary Controls has expanded its BACnet router portfolio with a high-performance BACnet router having advanced features including built-in diagnostics that aid in commissioning or troubleshooting BACnet MS/TP networks in the field. With a high-speed 32-bit processor and expanded memory, the BASrouterLX is ideal for larger sub-netted BACnet/IP networks subjected to heavy device discovery traffic.

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March 2013

Contemporary Controls Welcomes New Product Marketing Manager
Contemporary Controls is proud to announce and welcome Kirk Clousson as the Company's Product Marketing Manager. Kirk will be responsible for providing marketing leadership with developing and implementing Contemporary Controls' product plan and associated worldwide marketing strategy, in addition to identifying market opportunities and creating revenue generating product programs.

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February 2013

Using the BASrouter with a Honeywell Spyder Controller
The BASrouter provides a simple, cost-effective method to attach Honeywell Spyder BACnet MS/TP controllers to BACnet/IP without the need of a building controller. This allows Spyders to reside on the building's Ethernet network without the need to provide home-run fieldbus wiring to a head-end.

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January 2013

Contemporary Controls to Be a Platinum Sponsor at Honeywell's 2013 Momentum Conference
Contemporary Controls will be making it first appearance at Honeywell's 2013 Momentum Conference March 10-13 in Phoenix, Arizona as a Platinum Sponsor. The conference, themed Partners in Motion, provides the opportunity for more than 450 distributors, contractors, sponsors and staff to evaluate top trends in the building automation industry and participate in training workshops. Contemporary Controls will be demonstrating several products from its BASautomation® ' Building on BACnet, and its CTRLink® ' Ethernet Built for Buildings ' product lines that assist systems integrators in attaching equipment to IP networks. Of particular interest to systems integrators is the BASrouter ' a BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP router; the BAScontrol20 ' a Powered by Sedona Framework unitary controller; and the BAScloudVPN ' a convenient and secure solution for remote monitoring of building automation systems.

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June 2012

Contemporary Controls Introduces a Simple to Use Modbus to BACnet Gateway
BACnet has become the dominant building automation protocol but Modbus devices used for boiler control, variable speed drives, and metering applications are frequently found on jobs requiring integration to a BACnet system. To make Modbus serial devices appear as individual BACnet devices, Contemporary Controls has introduced the BASgatewayLX Modbus to BACnet Gateway designed to make gateway commissioning as simple as possible.

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June 2011

The Skorpion Series of Ethernet Switches Just Got Smarter
The Skorpion series of low-cost Ethernet infrastructure products just got smarter with the introduction of the EISK8M Skorpion Managed Switch. Customers can now step up to a cost effective managed switch while maintaining the benefits of the Skorpion series.
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May 2011

The Need for Speed ' Going to Gigabit
Some automation systems require 100 Mbps so having 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switches such as the Skorpion EISK5-100T that auto-negotiates data rate and duplex is perfect for automation systems. In fact, it is our best selling product. So why are we introducing the EISK5-GT that can do everything the EISK5-100T can do while providing another ten-fold in speed performance ' one Gigabit ' because customers are asking.
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April 2011

New Skorpion IP Router Receives Customer Requested Features
Contemporary Controls provided several key customers beta versions of the EIPR Skorpion IP Router. The EIPR links two Internet Protocol (IPv4) networks together ' passing appropriate traffic while blocking all other traffic. The feedback has been positive.
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December 1, 2010

Contemporary Controls Receives Sedona Framework Certification
Contemporary Controls' BAS Remote is one of the first products to receive Sedona Framework™ certification. The BAS Remote is already BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP compliant; the newly acquired Sedona Framework SOX compliance increases the BAS Remote's versatility as an integration and control device.
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November 12, 2010

Managed Switches Provide the Required Cable Redundancy for UK's Tallest Building
Contemporary Controls' managed compact switch, the EICP8M, provides the cable redundancy required by Cylon Controls' Ethernet-based building automation system in the United Kingdom's tallest skyscraper ' Canary Wharf Tower.
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October 12, 2010

The BASrouter Makes the BACnet/IP to MS/TP Connection
The BASrouter, which connects BACnet/IP networks to BACnet MS/TP networks, is part of the newly constructed Salisbury Law Courts complex that has been awarded a BREEAM "Excellent" rating based on its sustainable design and environmental performance.
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February 1, 2010

New Products Introduced at AHR Expo 2010
The BAS Remote and BASrouter are significantly upgraded and the new EIPE single-point Power over Ethernet injector was introduced.
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January 20, 2010

New Products to be Introduced at AHR Expo 2010
The BAS Remote and BASrouter are significantly upgraded; the new EIPE single-point Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector is added to the CTRLink product line.
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October 1, 2009

The BAS Remote Adds Powered by Sedona Framework™ Controller
By supporting open system protocols such as BACnet, Modbus and now Sedona SOX, the BAS Remote's versatility has significantly improved.
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June 29, 2009

EIS Series Ethernet Switches Authorized to Carry UL 864 9th Edition Recognized Component Marking
Four EIS Series models meet the most recent UL standard for fire alarm systems and equipment.
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April 13, 2009

Contemporary Controls, Industry Leader for Networking Solutions, Launches a Redesigned Website
Contemporary Controls launches a redesigned website that showcases the company's success across multiple industries.
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March 10, 2009

EISK16 Ethernet Switch Provides 16 Ports in an 8-Port Sized Box
The Contemporary Controls' high-density EISK16 switch, which occupies minimal DIN-rail space (1.6" or 41 mm) for small areas, is now available for $279.
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January 26, 2009

Contemporary Controls' BASrouter Now Sports BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device (BBMD)
The BASrouter (BASRT-B) connects BACnet/IP Ethernet to BACnet MS/TP allowing MS/TP gear to connect to the building's IP-network. This product now incorporates the BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) feature.
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New Features Give More Flexibility in the Use of Contemporary Controls' BAS Remote I/O Master
Contemporary Controls is providing more flexibility for their customers by developing three new features incorporated in the company's BAS Remote I/O Master: Change of Value (COV), Read Property Multiple (RPM), and Foreign Device Registration (FDR).
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Place Modbus Variables on a BACnet/IP System
Contemporary Controls' BAS Remote I/O Master now offers Modbus variable mapping to BACnet variables.
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Contemporary Controls' PoE Injector Requires Only 24 VAC
Contemporary Controls Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) injector is designed for building automation systems and can be powered from a 24 VAC or 24 VDC source.
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December 8, 2008

Switch Your Way to the New EISK16 Ethernet Switch
With 16 copper 10/100 Mbps ports, Contemporary Controls new Plug-and-Play EISK16-100T switch is the answer for increasing the functionality of your network.
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September 5, 2008

Contemporary Controls Launches Virtual News Room
Site provides current information to the media on the company's products and services.
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July 29, 2008

Meet the Father of BACnet
Contemporary Controls interviews H. Michael Newman on the development of the BACnet protocol.
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July 16, 2008

Industrial Ethernet University Expands its Curriculum
Industrial Ethernet University (IEU) is adding more graduate level courses.
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June 24, 2008

New Brochure Focuses on BACnet® Technology
"Raising BACnet to the Next Level" will help OEMs in making their building automation projects successful.
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BAS Remote Expansion Module Can Greatly Increase Point Count
BAS Remote Master can be expanded to a total of 32 universal I/O points and 8 relay contacts.
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April 8, 2008

Contemporary Controls Introduces the BACnet® Portable Router for Building Automation
A convenient device used to connect a laptop computer to an MS/TP network.
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March 24, 2008

Ethernet Infrastructure + BASrouter = Your Ideal Solution
The BASrouter makes the BACnet®/IP to BACnet® MS/TP connection possible.
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February 25, 2008

The Use of Industrial Ethernet Requires More Knowledge
The virtual Industrial Ethernet University (IEU) now offers graduate level courses.
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Contemporary Controls Turns to Custom Design to Satisfy Customer Needs
The demand for improved features and functionality creates new products.
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January 31, 2008

China Subsidiary Recognized as Full-Service Contract Manufacturer
Contemporary Controls (Suzhou) Co. Ltd offers a full-range of services.
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January 28, 2008

BAS Remote Will Support Modbus/TCP Protocol in Addition to BACnet®/IP
This product can utilize the existing Ethernet structured wiring that is now standard in most buildings.
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