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ARC Control

ARCNET's longevity testifies that it is regarded as one of the most robust industrial networking technologies available. The real-time performance of its token-passing protocol along with its simplicity of use makes it ideal for embedded applications. Contemporary Controls is the industry leader in ARCNET connectivity providing wiring hubs, network interface modules (NIMs), network analyzers and ARCNET servers to Ethernet. We wrote the book on Industrial ARCNET and founded the ARCNET Trade Association.

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Network Interface Modules

Each ARCNET node requires an ARCNET controller chip and a cable transceiver suitable for the cabling technology being used. Our ARCNET NIMs can make the connection between an embedded ARCNET network and any of the popular commercial bus structures including ISA, PC/104, PCI, USB and PCI Express, x1 Lane.

Repeaters, Links and Hubs

Repeaters effectively double the length of a bus network by connecting two of the same cabling technologies together. Links allow two bus segments to be extended through the use of fiber optics. Hubs also provide for geographic network expansion and media conversion while allowing for star topology. Cascading hubs creates a distributed star topology thereby offering the greatest flexibility in cabling.

ARCNET Server to Ethernet

Legacy ARCNET systems can still be retained while migration is being made to Ethernet networks. By using ARCNET servers, convenient access to ARCNET networks is possible.

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