ANA ARCNET Analyzer Legacy Product


Product Overview

  • Accurately monitors real-time data traffic
  • Displays all low-level ARCNET frame types including ITT, FBE, ACK, NAK, and Packet data
  • Intelligent acquisition unit that does not rely on PC for real-time storage
  • Supports complex triggering on ITT, FBE, ACK, NAK, PAC and ERR
  • 512 kB acquisition memory for larger storage
  • Supports coaxial or twisted-pair cabling (including DC- or AC-coupled EIA-485)
  • Saves data to disk as text for future review
  • Extensive hotkeys allow use with or without mouse
  • User-friendly design
  • Operates with Windows® 98, ME, 2000, and XP
  • Uses all common ARCNET data rates
  • Connects to PC using USB 1.1 interface

The ARCNET® Network Analyzer (ANA) allows engineers to capture and decode low-level messages that controllers use to initiate and control a packet transmission. This device proves indispensable when examining the data sent over embedded ARCNET networks.

The ANA views all frame types including invitations to transmit (ITT), free buffer enquiry (FBE), acknowledgements (ACK), negative acknowledgements (NAK). It also provides the ability to view ARCNET packets (PAC).

Typically, ARCNET analyzers only display transmitted packets because they incorporate an ARCNET controller chip for capturing packets. However, the ANA does not use an ARCNET chip, but reconstructs complete ARCNET activity by observing the symbols on the cable.

ARCNET is a token-passing network and the ANA will display the tokens along with a time stamp. The device has a 2.5 microsecond timer resolution for all recorded events and will operate at the 10 Mbps upper limit of ARCNET.

It operates on a standard PC or notebook computer with a USB interface, and directly accommodates coaxial or twisted-pair cabling-including DC- or AC-coupled EIA-485. Data rates can range from 156 kbps to 10 Mbps.

The product does not rely on the PC for real-time acquisition. Its USB module contains its own CPU, memory and custom triggering hardware to facilitate capture of all frames.

Unrecognizable transmissions will be captured and displayed as well. This includes noise transients and reconfiguration bursts.

The ANA is a necessary tool for developing and troubleshooting embedded ARCNET networks.

The ANA is a necessary tool for developing and troubleshooting embedded ARCNET networks.

Replacement Information

This product has been discontinued. Please contact your regional office for replacement options.