ARCNET CPCI22 Series Legacy Product

CPCI22 Series

Product Overview

  • Utilizes COM20022 ARCNET® controller
  • Interfaces ARCNET with CompactPCI bus computers
  • Low-profile 3U form factor
  • Hot-swapping
  • Automatic configuration of I/O and interrupt
  • High-speed I/O access to the COM20022
  • NDIS or null stack driver for Windows®
  • Works with all Contemporary Controls MOD HUB and AI Series active hubs
  • CMOS design for low-power consumption

The CPCI22 Series links CompactPCI bus compatible computers with the ARCNET Local Area Network (LAN) for a complete solution for industrial and telecommunications applications. You'll find this product has a low-profile, 3U form factor with hot-swap capability and high-performance.

This device allows for both jumperless configuration and Plug-and-Play (PnP) operation. Hot-swapping is a significant benefit for operators of high-availability systems. Both NDIS and null-stack drivers are available for use with the module in a Windows environment.

It is equipped witht the ARCNET COM20022 controller chip and includes these features: command chaining, sequential access to internal RAM, duplicate node ID detection and variable data rates up to 10 Mbps. Bus contention problems are reduced since the module's interrupt level and I/O base address are assigned through PnP. There is no requirement for wait-state arbitration.

Each CPCI22 module has two LEDs for monitoring network operation and bus access to the module. It is designed with an 8-position, general-purpose DIP switch typically employed to assign the ARCNET node address. If the node address is configured via software, the DIP switch could instead indicate a user-defined function such as data rate, cable interface, or master/slave status of the CompactPCI system.

Six models of the CPCI22 are available. The CPCI22-4000 provides tranformer-coupled AC EIA-485 operation. The CPCI22-485 supports DC-coupled EIA-485 backplane mode. The CPCI22-CXB supports a coaxial bus configuration-often requiring no hubs. The CPCI22-CXS supports coaxial star configurations requiring external active or passive hubs if other than peer-to-peer topology is used. Other versions include the CPCI22-FOG-ST which supports fiber optic cable with ST connectors and the CPCI22-TB5 which supports twisted-pair cabling using RJ-45 connectors.

Replacement Information

This product has been discontinued. Please contact your regional office for replacement options for the models listed below.

Model Description
CPCI22-4000 COM20022 AC-coupled EIA-485 NIM (backplane set by software)
CPCI22-485 COM20022 DC-coupled EIA-485 NIM (backplane set by software)
CPCI22-CXB COM20022 coaxial bus NIM
CPCI22-CXS COM20022 coaxial star NIM
CPCI22-FOG-ST COM20022 ST fiber optic NIM
CPCI22-TB5 COM20022 twisted-pair bus NIM