ARCNET QuickLink Series Quick and Easy Connections

ARCNET QuickLink Series


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Product Overview

  • Compatible with the basband 2.5 Mbps ARCNET network
  • Supports coaxial and twisted-pair cabling
  • Minimizes bit jitter with precision delay-line timing
  • Watch-dog timer prevents hub lockup
  • Hub unlatch delay digitally controlled
  • Low-voltage AC powered
  • Suitable for use with all the Contemporary Controls Network Interface Modules (NIMs) and active hubs
  • External transformer available (included for the US market)

Product Details

For an economical way of expanding ARCNET Local Area Networks (LANs), choose the QuickLink Series of fixed-port hubs. A hub allows you to add a segment and support distributed star topologies. These eight-port hubs use the same robust hub timing electronics found in Contemporary Controls' MOD HUB Series such as precision delay-line timing, digitally controlled timers for dependable operation and reduced bit jitter. A watch-dog timer stops hub lockup, eliminating the necessity of cycling power in case of transmission error.

The QuickLink operates from low-voltage AC power (8-24 VAC), using a power supply featuring a full-wave solid-state bridge rectifier. Although nominally designed for powering from a 24 VAC source, this hub can also be powered from a 24 VDC source, irrespective of the polarity of the applied voltage, with no performance degradation.

For the convenience of users, each unit is shipped with a wall-mount transformer having a 6' (2 m) low-voltage cord so that it may work from local mains power, if needed.

Active hubs increase the robustness of ARCNET networks. They extend the distance possible on each cable segment-up to 2000 feet (610 m) on coaxial segments. These products block interference to the network by squelching reflections caused by open or shorted cable segments attached to the hub. Unused hub ports need not be terminated. Active hubs allow distributed star topology-thereby, reducing the cabling required in a facility. Two or more QuickLink hubs may be cascaded.

Ordering Information

This product has been discontinued. Please contact your regional office for replacement options.