BAScontrol22C 22-point BACnet/IP Client Sedona Unitary Controller

Product Overview

The BAScontrol22C is a BACnet/IP server as well as having BACnet/IP client capability allowing the user to read and/or write points served up by devices on the BACnet internetwork. Like the BAScontrol22, the BAScontrol22C is a 22-point unitary controller which supports BACnet/IP and Sedona using a 2-port Ethernet switch connection. The controller complies with the B-ASC device profile having a convenient mix of 8 universal inputs, 4 binary inputs, 4 analog outputs and 6 relay outputs. Unique to the unit are 48 web components which link Sedona wire sheet readable/writeable data to web pages, and 24 virtual points which link Sedona wire sheet readable/writeable data to a BACnet client.

The device is fully web page-configurable, and freely programmable using Sedona's drag-and-drop programming methodology of assembling components onto a wire sheet to create applications. The unit can be programmed using the Sedona Application Editor (SAE). Rugged design, low profile, and wide temperature operation make it suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Versatile Control Device — Unitary controller or remote Ethernet I/O

  • BACnet/IP compliant with a B-ASC device profile
  • Resident BACnet Client can read/write BACnet objects
  • Resident Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM)
  • Programmable via the Sedona Applications Editor (SAE)
  • Configurable with a common web browser
  • Direct connection to Ethernet network
  • NTP or manually-settable real-time clock
  • COV subscriptions — 14 binary and 2 analog
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +75°C

Flexible Input/Output — 22-points of physical I/O

  • Eight configurable universal inputs:
    Thermistor, resistance, analog voltage, binary input, pulse inputs (4 max)
  • Four contact closure inputs
  • Four analog voltage outputs
  • Six relay outputs

Product Details

The BAScontrol22C utilizes a 32-bit ARM7 processor with 512 kB of flash memory plus a 16 Mbit serial flash file system for storing configuration data and an application program.

By operating at the BACnet/IP level, the BAScontrol22C can share the same Ethernet network with supervisory controllers and operator workstations. The unit can be configured for a fixed IP address or can operate as a DHCP client receiving its IP address from a DHCP server. A real-time clock with a supercap backup allows for creating local schedules.

A 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port supports protocols such as BACnet/IP, Sedona SOX, HTTP and FTP. Configuration of universal inputs and virtual points can be accomplished using web pages. Type II and type III 10 kΩ thermistor curves and a 20 kΩ thermistor curve are resident in the unit. Current inputs can be measured using external resistors. Contact closures require a voltage-free source. Binary inputs and outputs as well as analog outputs require no configuration. The unit is powered from a 24VAC/VDC source.

BACnet servers serve up their points to BACnet clients. The BAScontrol22C is capable of directly reading from and writing to BACnet/IP devices on the network connected to one of its Ethernet ports using custom Sedona components called NetV's (Network Variables). NetV components allow the reading and writing of Analog Inputs (AI), Binary Inputs (BI), Analog Values (AV), Binary Values (BV), Analog Outputs (AO), and Binary Outputs (BO). In addition, with a BACnet router in place the BAScontrol22C is capable of reading from and/or writing to BACnet MS/TP devices which are being routed to BACnet/IP.

Ordering Information

Model Description    
BASC-22CR BAScontrol22 BACnet Client/Server 22-Point 6 Relay $395


Model Description                  
AI-XFMR Wall mount plug in transformer 120VAC input/24VAC output (details...) $39
AI-XFMR-E Wall mount plug in transformer 230VAC input/24VAC output (details...) $55
MDR-20-24 24VDC 20W DIN RAIL POWER SUPPLY (details...) $40
MDR-40-24 24VDC 40W DIN RAIL POWER SUPPLY (details...) $50
SDR-75-24 24VDC 75W DIN RAIL POWER SUPPLY (details...) $90