BASpi-Edge 12-Point Cloud Connected BACnet Edge Controllers

Product Overview

The BASpi-Edge series are hardened controllers with enhanced features and data processing at the Edge functionality, powered by Raspberry Pi. Housed in a compact DIN rail mounted enclosure with 24 VAC/VDC power input and a resilient pSLC 8 GB micro SD card gives them performance and convenience advantages, making them suitable for a wide array of applications. BACnet client/server communication over Ethernet or Wi-Fi and Sedona function block programmable control logic and data processing at the Edge come standard. BASpi-Edge is fully web page configurable with quick and easy cloud connectivity to Azure IoT Central (SaaS) cloud solution. Additional features such as email alarms/notifications, schedules with holidays/exceptions, weather web service, as well as graphical dashboards served over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or directly out of the resident HDMI port make the BASpi-Edge ideal for standalone or BACnet supervised automation applications.

BACnet Edge Controller Dashboard BASpi Edge

By leveraging open IoT protocols such as MQTT, proven security mechanisms such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), and robust and easy to use software as a service cloud solutions (SaaS) such as Azure IoT Central, BASpi-Edge controllers can easily and securely connect to the cloud, effectively making any attached equipment a cloud connected asset. Cloud connectivity is optional, but it provides excellent global asset management and supervision capabilities in multi-site building applications, or multi-branch store or retail chains.

Versatile Control Device

  • BACnet/IP client/server over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Optional BACnet MS/TP node connection using USB to EIA-485 dongle
  • Azure IoT Central (SaaS) cloud connected
  • Resident Sedona Virtual Machine (SVM) with function block programming
  • Sedona programmable over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Web page configurable over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Graphical dashboard served over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or direct HDMI output
  • Schedules with holidays/exceptions
  • Email alarms/notifications
  • Weather station web service
  • Sunrise/sunset calculation based on geolocation
  • NTP server or manually settable clock
  • Free BAScontrol Toolset for programming, archiving, and emulation:
    • Sedona Application Editor (SAE)
    • BASemulator – BASpi controller emulation on PC
    • BASbackup – BASpi project utility
  • Free pre-built Sedona control applications

Flexible Input/Output — 12-points of physical I/O

  • Six configurable universal inputs: analog input (0-10 V), binary input, resistance, thermistor (10 kT2, 10 kT3, 20 k), pulse input (40 Hz max with retention on power loss)
  • Six or four relay outputs (30 V @ 2A max current) – model dependent
  • Two or zero analog outputs (0-10 V) – model dependent
  • 48 Virtual Points (VT) communicate with BACnet clients and supervisory workstations
  • 48 Web Components (WC) communicate with web browser for monitoring and configuration
  • 24 VAC/VDC input power and compact DIN rail mounted enclosure

Product Details

BASpi-Edge controllers utilize the powerful 1.2 GHz 64-bit CPU in the Raspberry Pi 3 with 1 GB of RAM memory for lightning fast operation, its Ethernet and Wi-Fi adapters for versatile network connectivity, USB ports for extended functionality, as well as its HDMI port for human-machine interface for touchscreen or display options. Our field-proven, resilient I/O and power circuit board installed on top hardens the Raspberry Pi and allows it to safely interface with standard building automation input/output control signals and industry standard power supplies. A resilient 8 GB pSLC micro SD card ensures reliable operation and sufficient storage space. 24 VAC/VDC power input and a compact DIN rail mounted enclosure make it convenient to install.

The BASpi-Edge is fully web page configurable with secure web page authentication. Its IP address on either Ethernet or Wi-Fi adapters can be configured for fixed IP, or can receive an IP address automatically from a DHCP server on the network. By operating at the BACnet/IP level with a B-ASC device profile, BASpi-Edge controllers can share the same Ethernet or Wi-Fi network with BACnet supervisory controllers and operator workstations. Universal input channels are set for 0-10 V input by default and are configurable for type II and type III 10 kΩ thermistor curves, a 20 kΩ thermistor curve, pulse inputs with or without pull up at up to 40 Hz, or binary contact closure inputs (require a voltage-free source). An NTP server or manually-settable clock allows for creating local schedules with holidays/exceptions. Email alarms/notifications are also web page configurable and allow for points or direct wire sheet values to be included in the sent emails. A configurable weather station using weather server provides timely weather data parameters right to your wire sheet logic, BACnet/IP network, graphical dashboard, or pushed to the Azure IoT dashboard. Graphical dashboards can be customized and accessed over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or directly out of the resident HDMI port. A built-in library of graphical widgets such as gauges, charts, sliders, or buttons is used to display and/or control BASpi-Edge point values. Dashboards are accessible over the network, but can also be displayed on an HDMI-connected screen. Graphical dashboards allow you to easily visualize your automation application. The built in cloud connector allows for quick and easy connection to Azure IoT Central SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud solution. The cloud connection allows the user to upload select, processed, or all point data to the cloud securely where it can be trended, visualized, analyzed, alarmed, and accessed from anywhere – giving your applications the mobility and global accessibility you have been looking for.

Ordering Information

Model Description    
BASPI-E6U6R BACnet Edge Controller with 6UI/6 Relay $345
BASPI-E6U4R2A BACnet Edge Controller with 6UI/4 Relay/2 Analog Out $345