Firmware Update BASrouter

Firmware 3.0.13 is available. Customers are able to send their BASRT-B unit to their local field office to have our technical support team upgrade the device for an $85 fee.

For customers interested in installing Firmware 3.0.13 on their own, please note that the BASRT-B was not intended to be field upgradeable. The upgrade procedure uses the ATMEL SAM-BA application that may have issues depending on the USB chipsets in your PC/laptop. The steps involve erasing the device and if SAM-BA has any issues running on your PC/laptop, the device cannot be flashed with the firmware (including not being able to revert to the original firmware).

Having a spare unit to test SAM-BA operation is very highly recommended.

Upgrading the BASRT-B on your own could result in a failed firmware installation. ***Proceed at your own risk***