Sedona Open Control

Sedona Open Control

Sedona is an open-source software environment designed to make it easy to build smart, networked, embedded devices which are well suited for implementing control applications. The Sedona language facilitates component-oriented programming where components are assembled onto a wiresheet, configured, and then interconnected to create applications. The technology is in the public domain and can be found at

Using a Sedona programming tool, components deployed in kits are placed onto a wiresheet, configured, and then interconnected with other components to create applications. Once logic is placed on a wiresheet, it is executed immediately making it convenient for program development. With the public domain version, ample core components are provided to quickly develop control sequences. Included with the public domain version are Sedona tools and source code allowing a Sedona developer to create custom components and kits suitable for unique functions. As a Sedona developer, Contemporary Controls has developed several product lines based on Sedona, such as the BAScontrol and the Micro PC Edge series of BACnet-compliant open controllers, BAScontrol Toolset for unrestricted use in program development and archiving, and HVAC applications with sophisticated macro components.

Example of a Sedona wiresheet

The BAScontrol Toolset includes a Java-based Sedona tool called Sedona Application Editor (SAE) for those individuals who do not have access to a Sedona tool. All that is needed are the kits and manifests for the connected Sedona device. Contemporary Controls provides the necessary kits and manifests for Sedona core components (created by Tridium, the original developer of Sedona) and for Contemporary Controls' developed components with the free BAScontrol Toolkit download. Included in the free download are the SAE, BASbackup for a complete project backup of a Contemporary Controls' Sedona controller, and the BASemulator which is the next best thing to a real Contemporary Controls' Sedona controller.

There are no licenses required for using or developing the Sedona technology or for using the BAScontrol Toolset. Contemporary Controls is committed to keeping Sedona "open." For those interested in obtaining the original Sedona technology, they can download the technology from the Sedona Alliance.