Skorpion GigE Cellular IP Routers Gigabit IP and VPN Cellular Routers

Product Overview

  • Web page configuration
  • LTE Cellular or 10/100/1000 Mbps WAN port
  • 4-port 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN switch
  • OpenVPN Client (compatible with RemoteVPN)
  • OpenVPN Server (compatible with BridgeVPN)
  • PAT, NAT, Port Forwarding and Port Range Forwarding
  • NAT Loopback
  • Remote Router Access
  • Allowlist
  • Stateful firewall
  • DHCP client (WAN) and DHCP server (LAN)
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • CE Mark, RoHS, UL 508, C22.2 No. 142-M1987
  • 24 VAC/VDC powered
  • Operates over 0 to 60°C (EIGR-C3)
  • Operates over −40 to +75°C (EIGR-C3X)
  • Certified for use on Verizon
  • Pre-installed nano-SIM (4FF)

Product Details

The EIGR-C3 is a high-speed router that links cellular to 10/100/1000 Mbps Internet Protocol (IPv4) networks – passing appropriate traffic while blocking all other traffic. One network is the local-area-network (LAN); the cellular is the wide-area-network (WAN). It also has an Ethernet port that can act as the WAN if cellular access is not required. The built-in stateful firewall passes communication initiated on the LAN-side while blocking WAN-side initiated communication. With Port Address Translation (PAT), LAN-side clients can access the Internet.

The EIGR-C incorporates a built-in cellular modem that works with Verizon, a real-time clock and OpenVPN client functionality compatible with Contemporary Controls' RemoteVPN subscription service and Self-HostedVPN solution. As a VPN server, it supports bridge mode VPN where up to 10 VPN PC clients are bridged to the EIGR-C router's LAN side, allowing the passing of multicast and broadcast messages over the VPN tunnel. The VPN interface for the clients is assigned an IP address corresponding to LAN subnet and provides the same application experience as if the client device were part of the LAN of the EIGR-C. This facilitates easier secure remote access, especially for BACnet systems, without the need to setup any BBMDs.

The EIGR-C3 operates over 0 to 60°C temperature range and the EIGR-C3X operates over −40 to +75°C range.

The EIGR-C3 router supports both the main and diversity antennas required for optimum LTE signal reception. Both the main and diversity antennas are required and are available in two models for use with the SMA connectors on the router. The whip antennas can be mounted directly on the unit and the IP67 antennas with extension cables can be mounted outside the cabinet with its screw nut. The EIGR-C3 comes pre-installed with a SIM for convenience. The device can be activated on the Verizon network by purchasing service through Contemporary Controls.

Visit our Remote Access product page for more information about secure remote communication over the internet.

Visit our Data Plans page to activate and provision a Contemporary Controls Cellular LTE device on the Verizon network.

Ordering Information

Model Description                  
EIGR-C3 Skorpion GigE IP Router with Cellular (Verizon) 0 to 60°C
Note: Two antennas are required but not included. Be sure to purchase two of either AC1Y001J-WHP or AC2H032C-DOM (listed below).
EIGR-C3X Skorpion GigE IP Router with Cellular (Verizon) −40 to +75°C
Note: Two antennas are required but not included. Be sure to purchase two of either AC1Y001J-WHP or AC2H032C-DOM (listed below).
AC1Y001J-WHP Cellular Straight Stick Whip Antenna (details...) $9
AC2H032C-DOM Cellular IP67 Outdoor Antenna with 1 meter cable (details...) $39
EIGR-C2 Skorpion GigE IP Router with Cellular (Europe) 0 to 60°C
Visit the EMEA Store
EIGR-C2X Skorpion GigE IP Router with Cellular (Europe) −40 to +75°C
Visit the EMEA Store


Model Description                  
AI-XFMR Wall-mount plug-in transformer 120 VAC (nom) input/24 VAC (nom) output (details...) $39
AI-XFMR-E Wall-mount plug-in transformer 230 VAC (nom) input/24 VAC (nom) output (details...) $55