Training and Education Hands on BASautomation Training

Special Notice

The Hands on BASautomation Training will not be held until 2021 due to concerns about COVID-19. If you would like updates regarding the schedule, please contact Nicole via email at or call 630-963-7070 extention 107. Thank you for your understanding.

HVACR Training

Hands on BASautomation Training

TBD, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Contemporary Controls is hosting a two-day BASautomation product training session at the College of DuPage (COD) in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The training will take place in the state-of-the-art HVACR lab, located in the Technical Education Center (TEC) on the college campus. The training session will be led by DDC expert Jon Vietti who will introduce BACnet controllers, programming of BACnet controllers, implementing HVAC applications, integration of BACnet systems, as well as describing the supervising and remote accessing of BACnet systems. Contemporary Controls staff will be on hand to assist students in the operation of the company's products.

Completed in 2010, the $50 million-dollar TEC facility provides the largest workforce education program in the region. Contemporary Controls has worked with the college staff to outfit a lab with our latest products which will allow for a hands-on learning experience.

The two-day training session includes catered lunch and breaks and a tour of COD's HVACR lab. Free shuttle service each day to the TEC facility from partnered hotel DoubleTree by Hilton is provided as well as transportation to the Contemporary Controls' hosted offsite dinner on the first day. Attendees are responsible for hotel and travel expenses. Arrangements have been made with DoubleTree in Lisle with a fixed daily rate including breakfast. Training session seating is limited to 20 students. To receive more details and register for the training, please inquire at or contact Nicole Lareau at 630-963-7070 extention 107.

This two-day product training event will cover:

  • BACnet-networked and Sedona-programmable DDC controller operation and configuration using BAScontrol22 with some exposure to our new BASpi-Edge controllers
  • Function block diagram (FBD) sequence of operation wire sheet programming based on a requirement using the Sedona Application Editor and BAScontrol22
  • Backup and restore of complete BAScontrol22 program and configuration to a project file and reuse of applications in the field using BASbackup project utility
  • Using canned (pre-engineered) Sedona applications for BAScontrol22 and BASpi-Edge
  • BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP routing using the BASrouter and BASrouterLX
  • BACnet BBMD routing between IP subnets using the BASrouter and BASrouterLX
  • Modbus to BACnet device integration using the BASgatewayLX
  • BACnet/IP network discovery of devices, objects, read and write of properties, BACnet priorities, and other BACnet services using the BACnet Discovery Tool
  • BACnet integration with trending, alarming, scheduling, programming, and dashboard/graphics visualization using the BASview3
  • Secure remote site access using wired and/or cellular VPN routers with EIGR-V, EIGR-C, or EICR, RemoteVPN service or Self-HostedVPN feature

Detailed Description

This workshop will be a hands-on product training event using Contemporary Controls products such as BACnet-networked and Function Block Diagram programmable Sedona controllers—BAScontrol22 and the BAScontrol Toolset (with some exposure to our new BASpi-Edge controllers), BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP routers—BASrouter and BASrouterLX, Modbus to BACnet gateway—BASgatewayLX, BACnet building supervisor—BASview3, and secure remote access wired and cellular VPN routers—EIGR-V, EIGR-C, and EICR with RemoteVPN service or Self-HostedVPN feature. The instructors will use a combination of Power Point presentation, a master simulator displayed on the overhead projector, a student booklet/workbook to convey training content, as well as equipment conveniently installed in the lab to re-enforce training concepts with hands-on exercises. Presenters will give brief descriptions of the topic segment and will then lead participants in the experience of the topic segment. Co-presenters will engage with individual students throughout the entire session, provide technical support, and answer any questions as needed.

The goal is to help you "Build on BACnet" for client's building automation and energy management systems and to give participants a good grasp of how to facilitate a robust and low-cost HVACR/BAS automation system with controller programming, network integration, building supervision, and secure remote access. Students will be given a BASautomation Product Training Certificate of completion, a booklet/workbook with course material for future reference, and a link to a 30-day after-class live discussion thread on our Building Automation Blog where the presenters will be available for 30 days after the session to answer any questions which may come up.

Course Pre-Requisites

Concepts of each subject will be covered, and students will get a hands-on experience in each discipline. However, some basic understanding of IP networks, BACnet networks, Modbus networks, and function block diagram programming is recommended. Students are required to bring a Windows laptop with any standard web browser installed (Chrome browser recommended). Any additional Windows PC tools, such as our BAScontrol Toolset and BACnet Discovery Tool will be installed at the beginning of the session. If students would like to get a head start, it is advised but not required to review each of the product data sheets in order to get a basic understanding of each device being used in the training session.

Primary Presenter and Industry Expert

Jon Vietti—DDC Support Services

Jon Vietti is a "BAS/DDC Controls Specialist" with over 30 years' experience in the electrical, HVAC, SCADA, PLC, and industrial process controls industries. He has an FMA credential from BOMI. He provides consulting and mentoring services for Systems Integrators who work primarily with BACnet, Tridium Niagara AX/N4® and Sedona® applications. He is a passionate educator and advocate of hands-on, relevant, and universal educational opportunities for those who wish to pursue excellence in the Building Automation Industry.