Upcoming Event: Global Easy IO Partner Event

Contemporary Controls attended the Global Easy IO Partner Event in Paris, France, which featured new products and features from the industry that will further enhance building management and energy solutions for all building types - with the goal of significantly reducing installation costs.

At the show, we presented visitors with the following solutions:

  • How our BASintegratorFIN uses a subset of J2innovations's FIN stack to create a powerful, yet flexible intelligent gateway that integrates Modbus and BACnet points up to Project Haystack clients. The BASintegratorFIN also buffers trend data for the supervisor to help in case of network or supervisor issues.
  • How our BAScontrol22 Unitary Controllers are available to system integrators without restriction.The controller's built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch allows for a daisy-chain connection to the next-in-line controller or building supervisor. The device easily connects to Niagara Workbench or Sedona Tool for programming and a web browser for configuration.
  • How our BAScontrol20 Demo Boards are ideal for training and simulation with inputs and outputs pre-wired to physical points. Applications can be tested before being deployed in the field.
  • How we design and manufacture a line of professional Ethernet switches that fit nicely in the panel with other automation equipment. Our diagnostic switch easily allows tools such as Wireshark® to capture the communications between Ethernet connected automation devices. Our managed Ethernet switches support SNMP and include an SNMP agent that provides a wealth of information on the health of the network. With a SNMP client or Network Management Station, you can query the SNMP agents in managed switches-turning the building automation supervisor into a manager.

Review the booth panels below for more information or download the show handout to learn more.

Niagara Integration Via Haystack

Sedona Open Controllers

Ethernet Switches