Upcoming Event: Niagara Forum 2015, Germany

Contemporary Control attended the Niagara Forum 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany as a sponsor. The Forum brings together the Niagara Community to learn more about the Niagara Framework, exchange ideas, and make connections with other industry leaders. It provides an opportunity to gain insight into emerging trends and technologies.

Our visitors at the Niagara Forum gained first-hand product knowledge on the following:

  • How to decrease JACE CPU usage by using our award winning BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP routers to offload the MS/TP token passing from the JACE to the routers.
  • How to quickly discover JACE Modbus points by using our BACnet to Modbus BASgatewayLX gateways, with pre-defined Modbus device profiles-greatly reducing the time it takes to configure Modbus devices in the field.
  • How our BAScontrol22 Unitary Controllers are available to system integrators without restriction. The controller's built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch allows for a daisy-chain connection to the next-in-line controller or building supervisor. The device easily connects to Niagara Workbench or Sedona Tool for programming and a web browser for configuration.
  • How our BAScontrol20 Demo Boards are ideal for training and simulation with inputs and outputs pre-wired to physical points. Applications can be tested before being deployed in the field.
  • How to gain remote access to the JACE with our EIPR-V wireless routers. The routers provide a secure VPN connection to the JACE in conjunction with our BAScloudVPN remote, secure cloud service. Having remote access to the JACE is critical with saving time and money from improved troubleshooting responsiveness.

Review the booth panels below for more information or download the show handout (also available in German) to learn more.

Offload Your JACE

BACnet to Modbus Gateways

Remote Access to JACE

Offload Your JACE