PCI devices have their resource settings automatically assigned either by the BIOS or by Windows. Determining these settings in Windows is easy with DeviceManager, but when running DOS these parameters can be difficult to determine. FINDPCI.EXE overcomes this difficulty.

This DOS utility is used to determine the IRQ value and base I/O address assigned to each PCI20 installed in the host computer-and will also identify the model number of each card.

Note: FINDPCI.EXE will output the settings in a user-friendly text format. Our FINDIRQ.EXE and FINDIO.EXE programs will output the IRQ & I/O of each PCI20 as a single # (no text)-which may be better suited for use with applications and drivers.

The online utility is in a self-extracting zip file (64 kB) which contains:

  • the utility programs
  • a text file that explains how to use the programs

To download this utility, click here.