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Automation Solutions

Communication systems are rapidly becoming more complex and their use is not restricted to just large data centers. Smaller users are trying to make their way through the network maze. Our company has a broad line of products from simple unmanaged switches and media converters, to managed switches and routers. Besides SNMP compliance, our managed switches support VLANs, QoS, port security and a host of features expected in a managed switch. We can help in finding the right solution.

CTRLink's connectivity products facilitate the use of Ethernet in your automation project. Designed for unattended operation in environments not conducive to office grade equipment, CTRLink overcomes the challenges that Ethernet presents to the automation professional by providing convenient mounting in control panels, Class 2 power wiring, and reliability. Our repeating hub, switches, media converters and routers adhere to IEEE 802.3 standards and more. Specialty regulatory needs are addressed in selected models. From simple plug-and-play operation to fully-managed switch functionality, there is a model to meet any need.

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