Frequently Asked Questions ARCNET & Opto 22

The PCM20 card will function with certain combinations of FactoryFloor software and Microsoft Windows operating systems. These combinations are shown in the following table:

  FactoryFloor 3.1c
and later
FactoryFloor 3.1b
and earlier
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Card doesn't operate.
Contact Opto 22 Product Support
( for the most recent
compatibility information.
Windows NT 4 Card operates with no modifications.
See Note 1.
Card operates without modifications.
Windows 98
Windows ME
Card doesn't operate. Card operates.
See Note 2 for
Windows 95 Card does not operate. Card operates.
See Note 3 for

Note 1
For specific configuration instrucitons, see the chapter "Working with Controllers" in Opto 22 form 724, the OptoControl User's Guide. This document is included on the FactoryFloor CD-ROM.

In FactoryFloor version 3.1c and later, the option to configure an Opto 22 AC47 ARCNET card has been removed.

Note 2
In FactoryFloor versions 3.1b and earlier, Windwos 98 may locate the PCM20 at a base I/O address which is unacceptable to OptoControl. To establish a base I/O address located between 240 and 3F0 (hex) do the following:

  1. Install the PCM20 using the instructions for Windows 95.
  2. Remove the PCM20.
  3. Replace the pcm20.vxd file with a new one downloaded here.
  4. Reinsert the PCM20.

Important: This procedure has been tested for Windows 98, but its applicability for Windows ME has not yet been proven.

For additional configuration information on using the PCM20 card with FactoryFloor on Windows 98 and Windows ME systems, see the following document on the Opto 22 Web site

Note 3
On a Windows 95 PC, the PCM20 card can be used with FactoryFloor version 3.1b by implementing a workaround which makes the PCM20 appear as an AC47 device to OptoControl. To use this workaround do the following:

  1. When the PCM20 card is inserted in the interface slot, Windows will request a driver disk. Insert the enabler disk provided with the PCM20.
  2. After the PCM20 card has been installed, change the default I/O settings. In OptoControl, choose an unused I/O setting for the AC47. In Windows Device Manager, modify the I/O settings for the PCM20 to match those selected in OptoControl.
  3. Copy the setnode.exe program from the PCM20 disk to the C:\Windows directory.
  4. Create a file named C:\Windows\winstart.bat and then modify it by adding the line "setnode xxx yy" (where xxx is the base address selected in step 1 and yy is the desired non-zero node ID).
  5. Reboot the computer.

Opto 22 FactoryFloor versions 3.1c and later support the following Contemporary Controls PCI-ARCNET cards:

  • PCI20-CXS [Coaxial-Star]
  • PCI20-FOG-ST [fiber Optic, ST]
  • PCI20-485 [DC-Coupled EIA-485, backplane mode, twisted-pair]

Up to four cards may be used in a single computer. PCI20 configuration is done using the FactoryFloor software utility OptoTerm. Drivers and enablers from Contemporary Controls should not be used for configuring this adapter card.

Note: In FactoryFloor version 3.1c and later, the option to configure an Opto 22 AC47 ARCNET card has been removed.