RemoteVPN Simplified Secure Remote Access Service

Product Overview

  • Wired or wireless operation over the Internet
  • Secure communication tunnels utilizing encryption
  • No capital investment in resident VPN servers
  • Free download of OpenVPN client software
  • Support for iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows OpenVPN clients
  • Applicable to both permanent and temporary remote access
  • Flexible man-machine and machine-machine applications
  • Quick realization of a remote access project

Product Details

The RemoteVPN is a service offered by Contemporary Controls that allows systems integrators remote access to systems from the convenience of their home or office. A cloud-based VPN server hosted by Contemporary Controls provides the critical connection between two VPN clients—one installed on the systems integrator's PC and the other permanently installed on Contemporary Controls' VPN router located at the remote job site. Using this approach, two secure VPN tunnels are created with no concern for intervening firewalls. RemoteVPN is based on OpenVPN®, a well supported open-source VPN technology. In addition to OpenVPN PC clients for Windows machines, OpenVPN clients are available for iOS and Android mobile devices for greater flexibility in accessing sites remotely.

The use of RemoteVPN service, along with the EIPR-V / EIGR-V / EIGR-C IP routers, eliminates the need for a Static Public IP address providing considerable saving. Multiple Port Forwarding entries setup is also eliminated and the masquerade feature allows access to devices where it is not possible to change the Gateway IP address—either because the setting is used for a separate subnet or is missing on older devices. All the traffic is tunneled through the VPN over a single port and is encrypted.

Ordering Information

Model          Description               
REMOTEVPN‑R RemoteVPN Six-Month Subscription 1 Router and 2 Concurrent Clients
(This subscription fee is automatically billed to your credit card every 6 months at $48.00 until the service is cancelled. If cancelled in the middle of the subscription period you will have full use of this service until the end of the 6 month period. No refunds will be authorized.)
REMOTEVPN‑C RemoteVPN Subscription 1 Additional Client
(Onetime charge for each additional Client needed for your current active REMOTEVPN-R subscription account.)

IP Routers

Model Description                          
EIPR-V Skorpion 10/100Mbps IP Router with VPN $439
EIGR-V Skorpion GigE IP Router with VPN 0 to 60°C $549
EIGR-VX Skorpion GigE IP Router with VPN −40 to +75°C $593
EIGR-C3 Skorpion GigE IP Router with Cellular (Verizon) 0 to 60°C $769
EIGR-C3X Skorpion GigE IP Router with Cellular (Verizon) −40 to +75°C $813