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When The Application Is Demanding and the "Need For Speed" Is #1, the EIMK Media Converter Is Built for You

EIMK Media ConverterAugust 2010 - By operating full duplex at 100 Mbps, and supporting link-fault-pass-through the EIMK is a true media converter and not just a two-port Ethernet switch. Your data flows instantaneously through the EIMK and is not slowed down by the use of store and forward switch technology. The EIMK is an excellent choice in applications that require Ethernet redundancy, such as RSTP or proprietary ring networks, since the link-fault-pass-through assures that all end devices are truly communicating with one another rather than just linking to some switch within the communication network. Faults are easy to determine and can be troubleshot quickly for correction.

Both multimode and single-mode models are available with ST or SC connectors. Fiber distances of up to 15 km are possible with the single-mode model – up to 2 km with the multimode models. On the 10/100Mbps copper side, both MDI and MDIX ports are available to compliment either an end station port or a switch port. Crossover functionality is accomplished on the fiber side by simply reversing fiber connections

Built for harsh environments the EIMK starts with a metal enclosure, has an aluminum DIN rail clip, positive latching power terminal strip for 24 VAC or 24 VDC and redundant power input capability, and utilizes shielded RJ-45 connectors. Add in diagnostic LED's, a variety of enhanced EMC compliance tests, multiple regulatory approvals, and a robust temperature range of 0 to 60°C to make the EIMK a "real tuff" unit.

Typical applications include long distance requirements, areas with high levels of electrical noise, protection against lighting disruptions, and security from wire snooping devices.

To learn more, please visit the EIMK product page.


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