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Contemporary Controls Product Manager Selected to be Marketing Director of the BIG-CN

Jason PengNovember 2011 -Contemporary Controls proudly announces that Jason Peng, Product Manager at Contemporary Controls (Suzhou) Ltd., has been selected to become the Marketing Director for BACnet Interest Group China (BIG-CN).

Jason also serves on the BIG-CN board of directors. Other directors include:

Austin Wang: Saia-Burgess
Douglas Chan: Delta Controls, Chairman
Nicolas Trang: PcVue
Max Zou: Siemens

The goal of the BIG-CN is to promote BACnet to China's rapidly growing building and home automation industry through marketing, training and the promotion of interoperable BACnet products. Included in this effort is making BACnet a Chinese national standard.

"We fully support Jason's involvement with BIG-CN and the effort to make BACnet a nationally recognized standard in China," said George Thomas, President of Contemporary Controls. "We recognize and appreciate the leadership Douglas Chan of Delta Controls has provided as Chairman of the BIG-CN."

Marketing goals for BIG-CN include hosting the 2012 BACnet Seminar, which will be a one-day event with a focus on BACnet technology and standardization. In addition to the seminar, training will be provided to manufacturers in China and a website will be created to provide online training materials and resources.

The BIG-CN welcomes new members who share the vision of the group.


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