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Making BACnet a Chinese National Standard

Tech UpdateMarch 2012 – Contemporary Controls, as a member of BACnet Interest Group China (BIG-CN), will participate in the 2012 BACnet Technology and Standardization Seminar being hosted by the National Technical Committee 426 on Digital Technique of Intelligent Building and Residence Community of Standardization Administration of China. The seminar will be held on March 27th in Beijing with much of the discussion on the future of BACnet in China.

"We support the continuing efforts to make BACnet a Chinese national standard," said Jason Peng Product Manager at Contemporary Controls (Suzhou) Ltd. and Marketing Director for BIG-CN. The BIG-CN will participate by making two presentations at the seminar -- "BACnet in China and BIG-CA" and "New Era of BACnet Certification---BTL Mark indicates performance tested products worldwide".

At the seminar, the group will discuss how to advocate BACnet in the Chinese building automation industry, how to solve problems in inter-communication, interchange among different digital systems and how to test systems.

According to the Technical Committee's website, there is an "urgent need for a unified industry standards or national standards to regulate and promote the entire industry."

"The main topics for discussion at the seminar include the BACnet standard, application and future in China," Jason Peng said. "It's part of our effort to have BACnet recognized as a national standard for building automation and control networks."

Also at the seminar, it will be announced that BIG-CN will now be the BACnet Interest Group China & Asia (BIG-CA). The new name addresses the broader focus of the group and recognizes the strong following of BACnet in Asia outside Greater China.

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