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Automation Firewall/Router Advanced Features Video

Simple to Use Modbus to BACnet GatewayMay 2012 – The Skorpion IP Router (EIPR) has become a popular automation firewall/router because of its low-cost and ease-of-use. Its basic features were explained in a video entitled Introduction to the Skorpion IP Router which addressed Setup, Administration and Status functions. For most applications these functions will suffice but the product can do more which is explained in a second video entitled Skorpion IP Router Advanced Features. This video addresses more complex functions such as Port Range Forwarding, Port Forwarding, Network Address Translation, and Allowlist. These features are configured through web pages to enhance security while creating convenience.

The Skorpion IP Router is used to link two Internet Protocol (IPv4) networks together – passing appropriate traffic while blocking all other traffic. It is intended to be DIN-rail mounted into a control panel while receiving power from a common 24 VAC/VDC power supply.

Watch the Advanced Features video or learn more about the Skorpion IP Router.


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