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BASgatewayLX Firmware Update Issued in Response to Java 7u25

Data Profile ErrorJuly 2013 - We have released firmware 1.1.11 in response to Oracle's latest Java 7u25 upgrade for web browsers. Using firmware prior to 1.1.11 with the latest Java upgrade, users may experience unwarranted errors when configuring the BASgatewayLX.

Users who have not updated their web browsers to Java 7u25 will not experience these issues with the BASgatewayLX and do not need to upgrade their firmware. Users who do not plan to make configuration changes to their BASgatewayLX do not need to upgrade their firmware.

For those customers who have experienced issues with the BASgatewayLX since upgrading to Java 7u25, download firmware 1.1.11 here.

When upgrading firmware, please remember the following:

  • When applying the update the IP address will go back to the default address.
  • Before updating, make sure to document the unit's current IP address in order to return it to the proper value.
  • All current system settings will go back to the default settings.
  • All configuration files will remain intact.
  • The Map configuration will not be lost with the firmware update.


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