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BASrouterLX Gains More Diagnostic Features

Skorpion IP Router with USBAugust 2013 - Contemporary Controls' high-performance BACnet® router, the BASrouterLX adds to its advanced features two new diagnostic features that include BBMD logging and Slave Proxy logging.

Often it can be difficult to debug BBMD systems and communications with slave devices. Using the BBMD logging feature permits the viewing of information captured from BBMD communications, through the BASrouterLX webpage.

This feature helps diagnose problems with the BBMD setup by viewing the addresses of all FDR or BBMD devices that send broadcast messages through the BASrouterLX and timestamps related to these messages. This new feature is helpful when diagnosing BBMD configurations on all FDR and BBMD devices.

Enabling the new Slave Proxy logging feature allows viewing of logging information for the BASrouterLX's communication with slave devices from its webpage. When auto-slave is enabled you can view the BASrouterLX attempts at communicating with slave devices on the network and any issues during the discovery process. You can also view any communication issues with manually entered slaves.

In addition to the new features, MS/TP network traffic can be monitored remotely over an IP network connected to the BASrouterLX. With Wireshark installed on a remote computer, MS/TP captures can be initiated through a web page on the BASrouterLX and viewed immediately for analysis with no additional interfacing equipment required. The status page on the BASrouterLX has been expanded to include more information on the MS/TP state-machine within the router thereby gaining an insight into the health of attached MS/TP devices. The convenience of remote monitoring when troubleshooting a tough MS/TP problem should not be minimized.

MS/TP slave devices are accessible using either Manual Slave Address Binding or Automatic Slave Discovery. MS/TP slaves can be addressed throughout the complete MS/TP address range.  A standard web browser is all that is needed to access the features of the high-performance router.

The BASrouterLX is DIN-rail mounted and can be powered from a shared 24 VAC/VDC supply.  Resident EIA-485 termination and bias can be removed for mid-span installations.

For more information, visit the BASrouterLX product page.

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