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IP Router Provides Secure Remote Access Over the Internet

EIPR-VSeptember 2013 - Contemporary Controls EIPR-V Skorpion VPN Router provides secure remote Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to the Internet via a cellular or Ethernet connection. Using the EIPR-V VPN Router in conjunction with our BAScloudVPN monitoring service provides an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a VPN without maintaining a resident VPN.

A cloud-based VPN server hosted by Contemporary Controls provides the critical connection between two VPN clients - one installed on the systems integrator's PC and the other permanently installed on Contemporary Controls' VPN router located at a remote location. At the remote site, you have another VPN client but this time it is permanently installed in the VPN Router and is always connected to the BAScloudVPN via an encrypted connection. The LAN-side of the EIPR-V VPN Router connects to the building automation equipment. The BAScloudVPN will route between the two VPN tunnels thus created. Using this approach, two secure VPN tunnels are created with no concern for intervening firewalls, which can post a challenge when accessing machines at remote sites simply because firewalls block messages that originate from the Internet. This setup provides systems integrators with secure, remote VPN access to their customer sites from the convenience of their own home or office.

For cellular connections to the BAScloudVPN, utilizing cellular networks for data communications often is easier to setup than other forms of Internet communications - especially if these connections are temporary. The EIPR-V VPN Router will connect to cellular networks using a USB cellular modem provided by a cellular provider as part of a data plan. By using the cellular network, the main Internet connection to the remote site is not affected. Although the BAScloudVPN will work with either a wired or a cellular connection to the Internet, there is an advantage of using the cellular network in that IT personnel at the remote site need not get involved.

Contemporary Controls' secure VPN technology is based on OpenVPN, a highly respected and proven VPN technology. The EIPR-V VPN Router is equipped with OpenVPN client firmware for communicating with the BAScloudVPN server over the Internet. OpenVPN technology has clients for many devices, including Windows PCs, Macs, Android devices, and IOS devices.

For more information, visit the EIPR product page or the BAScloudVPN product page.

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