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USB Adapter in Stock for EIPR-E Router Wireless Connectivity

October 2013 - Instantly gain wireless connectivity with the EIPR-E router using our supported Wi-Fi USB adapter. The adapter and related accessories are listed on our Contemporary Controls website under the EIPR product page. The EIPR-E router is a simple-to-use industrial grade Ethernet-to-Ethernet router with wireless connectivity accomplished through the USB port.

USB Adapter:

  • USB 802.11 b/g/n Wireless USB Adapter


  • USB Right Angle Swivel Adapter
  • Wall Mount USB Adapter Enclosure with 5 Meter Cable

USB Adapter

EIPR-E RouterThe EIPR-E router is perfect for automation systems and for job sites that require IP router wireless access. Using the resident USB port you can expand to wireless networks when a Wi-Fi adapter is inserted in the port - establishing the EIPR-E as a Wi-Fi access point and increasing the number of LAN-side clients. After installing a USB adapter the EIPR-E becomes a Wi-Fi access point which allows Wi-Fi devices to wirelessly communicate with the EIPR-E and with each other.

Each wirelessly connected Wi-Fi device can receive a DHCP-assigned address from the EIPR-E. When wirelessly connected, each Wi-Fi device can also communicate directly with any EIPR-E LAN-connected devices and can also route through the EIPR-E WAN port for access to other subnets and to the Internet. The EIPR-E offers a Wi-Fi access point functionality allowing end devices, such as PCs or Wi-Fi controllers to connect to the router and then to the Internet. In addition, the EIPR-E will support WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Wi-Fi Security.

Visit our EIPR product page for the supported Wi-Fi adapter and accessories to use with your EIPR-E router.

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