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BAScloudVPN Service Benefits Include Reducing Windshield Time

BAScloudVPNNovember 2013 - Contemporary Controls' BAScloudVPN remote monitoring service provides system integrators remote access to jobsites resulting in increased productivity by reducing windshield time - spending valuable time traveling to resolve equipment and system issues.

A cloud-based VPN server, the BAScloudVPNServer, hosted by Contemporary Controls provides the critical connection between two VPN clients - one installed on the system integrator's PC and the other permanently installed on Contemporary Controls' VPN router, the EIPR-V, located at a remote location. Using this approach, two secure VPN tunnels are created with no concern for intervening firewalls. Contemporary Controls hosts the cloud-based BAScloudVPNServer on the Internet.

Additional advantages system integrators appreciate using the BAScloudVPN service include OpenVPN compatibility, numerous usability scenarios, secure communications, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and reliability.

Remote Access to Jobsites
One of the greatest benefits our BAScloudVPN offers is remote access for system integrators who have to spend time traveling to and from jobsites. The BAScloudVPN service provides secure, remote access to job sites from the convenience of a home or office, or anywhere. By reducing travel times, system integrators can successfully address their customers' equipment and systems issues sooner, which significantly increases productivity, customer satisfaction, and reduces travel related expenses. With a laptop, BAScloudVPN service and EIPR-V router, remote, secure connections can be made from anywhere and at any time. Addressing customer issues can be done sooner before possible escalation and at 24/7.

OpenVPN Compatibility and Usability Scenarios
Any Windows PC, MAC, Linux PC, Android device or iOS device can run the open source OpenVPN client software. All that is needed is an account on the server in order to utilize the BAScloudVPN service. The OpenVPN client can be downloaded from or, for Android devices, via the Google playstore or, for iOS devices, via the Apple App Store. This allows many devices to be able to access the BAScloudVPN. Users can benefit from the following usability scenarios.

  • Building Automation System Cellular and Wired Remote Access
  • Remote Access to JACE via Wired or Cellular Connection
  • Varied Clients
  • Using Wi-Fi on EIPR-V with a Wired Internet Connection
  • Using BAScloudVPN to Interconnect Multiple Facilities
  • Using BAScloudVPN to Interconnect Multiple JACES
  • Infrastructure for a Protected Multi-building Niagara/BACnet System

For detailed information on these scenarios, please visit our BAScloudVPN product page and refer to our Application Guide by clicking BAScloudVPN product page.

Secure Communications
BAScloudVPN supports authentication with the use of certificates. This means that before mutual trust is established the EIPR-V and PCs must authenticate using the BAScloudVPN certificate and the BAScloudVPN must authenticate the certificates contained in these devices. The BAScloudVPN service creates secure communication tunnels utilizing encryption. A VPN tunnel encrypts TCP/IP communications to make sensitive messages secure when sent over the Internet. Between the VPN client and server, only authorized devices can communicate over the VPN. The use of encryption protocols and authentication helps secure the data that is traveling over the VPN channel which can provide more protection than Internet connections at home or office buildings.

Cost Effectiveness
The main purpose of a VPN is to supply a low-cost, secure connection between remote locations. By using a VPN you can access local area networks (LANs) over the Internet for a fraction of the cost of traditional remote access solutions. And with the BAScloudVPN service there is no capital investment in resident VPN servers. Also, the service provides free downloading of OpenVPN Windows PC client software.

Flexibility, Reliability and Performance
Our BAScloudVPN service provides anytime access and greater flexibility with high performance technology that best suits the current performance and security needs of its users. Using a VPN service there should be little or no impact on performance. In fact, performance may actually improve. Network efficiency generally increases after a VPN solution is installed, such as the BAScloudVPN remote monitoring service.

Contemporary Controls BAScloudVPN remote monitoring service includes cellular routers, (EIPR-V wireless router recommended), hosting the Cloud-based VPN server and recommending a data plan from a cellular provider.

For more information, including the data sheet, application guide and package options visit our BAScloudVPN product page.

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