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May 2014 - Did You Know the BASremote PoE provides a "One Cable Solution"?

The BASremote with PoE has the same rich capabilities as the BASremote Master but only requires a single connection for both data and power. Obviously, a great device to use where power is not readily available.

The BASremote PoE provides:

  • Universal I/O meaning analog in or analog out in each of the 6 channels of I/O in addition to temperature, pulse train and contact closure inputs
  • 2 relay outputs
  • 24 VDC power at the BASremote terminals for powering up transmitters and other field devices. We consume the PoE power and provide 24 VDC
  • Powered by Sedona for wire sheet logic.
  • Modbus polling to provide interconnection to field devices like meters, drives boilers etc.

Using an Ethernet switch that is equipped with PoE provides the proper interface to the BASremote PoE. If only Ethernet switches without PoE are available Contemporary Controls can provide a mid span power injector, EIPE-1 that will combine the existing 24 VAC or VDC power and the data signals into a single PoE cable connection for the BASremote PoE. Another option if no PoE Ethernet switch is available is to use a Contemporary Controls EISK8P-GT which has 4 ports of PoE and can directly power up and communicate to the BASremote PoE.


Did You Know that the BAScontrol20 BACnet/IP Sedona Framework controller provides 48 web components that allow interaction between web pages and the Sedona wire sheet?

The web component is a custom component developed by Contemporary Controls and 48 of them are deployed in the CControls_BASC20_Web kit. Place the web component on the wire sheet as part of your Sedona logic using Workbench but configure it using your web browser. Now you can change a parameter such as setpoint or a schedule time on a web page without the need of the Workbench tool.

BAScontrol20 web components

BAScontrol20 web components


Did You Know what Industrial Ethernet University is?

Well this is a site the Contemporary Controls has sponsored since August 2003 to support the automation community by providing information that helps in understanding the various aspects of the technology known as Ethernet. Many of the "classes" are stand alone and provide information on a singular topic. For example Introduction to Subnetting would be an interesting topic if you need to set up an IP router. Another topic might be Power Over Ethernet if you are trying to minimize wiring by providing a single cable solution that incorporates power and data in the single cable. Whatever your motivation for becoming Ethernet aware, IEU is a good starting point.

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