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Using the BASgatewayLX with a Rockwell MicroLogix PLC

CTANovember 2014 - Contemporary Controls has published an Application Note that explains how to use the BASgatewayLX with a Rockwell MicroLogix PLC.

In many applications that utilize a PLC, it is desirable for the building automation system to have access to the data in the PLC. Some processes, such as compressors and water treatment utilize PLC controls as a normal control platform instead of building controllers. To implement the process in a building automation controller would require a redesign of the entire control system including the cost of programming and debugging of the new system. In the case of OEM's who utilize Rockwell's line of MicroLogix controllers the solution to get the data to the building automation system is resolved by using the Modbus capability of the MicroLogix PLC. By using the 1763-NC01 cable connected to channel 0 of the PLC and connecting it to the RS485 port of the BASgatewayLX, BACnet IP client controllers can read and write data in the PLC.

View the Application Note (PDF) to learn more.

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