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Simplify the Integration to BACnet/IP - See and Learn More at Niagara Forum 2015 in London

Niagara Forum 2015March 2015 - Contemporary Controls will be displaying solutions for system integrators that simplify the integration to BACnet/IP at the upcoming Niagara Forum 2015 held April 19-21 in London.

This year's Niagara Forum will be the largest gathering of EMEA industry professionals and practitioners developing applications built around open, interoperability, integration and connectivity. 

"We always look forward to participating in the Niagara Forum because the focus is on open systems and interoperability," said Paul French, EMEA Sales Manager of Contemporary Controls. "Attendees aren't getting a sales pitch. They are learning about and getting real solutions for today's market."

Contemporary Controls has developed several Niagara and Sedona based products that take you from device to the Internet. Freely-programmable Sedona Framework™ controllers, predefined Modbus device profiles that ease integration to BACnet, flexible visualization platforms including Niagara Framework® for alarming, scheduling and trending and BACnet routing to wired and wireless IP networks are all part of the BASautomation product portfolio.

"We are active participants in the Niagara community," said French. "We have several products that leverage the Sedona Framework and now we utilize the new NiagaraAX Framework in our scalable building strategy because of the wealth of integration options and its flexible control hierarchy."

Behind every BASautomation product is a commitment to open protocols such as Modbus and BACnet, open technologies such as Sedona Framework and Niagara Framework, and IP networks.

For example, the BASrouterLX High Performance BACnet Router allows connection of BACnet MS/TP and BACnet Ethernet devices to BACnet/IP. By having extensive BBMD support, the BASrouterLX allows BACnet devices to operate over a large sub-netted IP network.

The BASgatewayLX Modbus to BACnet Converter interfaces Modbus TCP and Modbus Serial (RTU or ASCII) devices to BACnet/IP. By using predefined Modbus device profiles that were developed by Contemporary Controls, configuration only requires checking off boxes on a web page.

BASautomation, along with our CTRLink® Ethernet Built for Buildings infrastructure products, provide solutions that can take any device up to the Internet.  Visit us at the Niagara Forum London and learn how our BASautomation products can help you integrate diverse systems into a scalable building strategy.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Niagara Forum 2015.

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