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Innovative, Open-Source BAS Network Technologies will be Displayed at Haystack Connect 2015

Haystack 2015May 2015 - Contemporary Controls will be exhibiting our open-source, building automation networking solutions at the upcoming community-focused, Project Haystack 2015 conference, May 18-20, at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, CO.

Haystack Connect 2015 is the community event that brings together the systems integrators, technology providers and end users who are leading the way to more efficient and sustainable buildings and advanced smart-device applications.

Technology continues to drive rapid change in smart building technologies, energy management and operational efficiency solutions. The most significant advances are being driven not by a single company, but rather by collaboration and a community of companies creating open, best of class technologies that work together through a range of open protocols and software interfaces, including the rapidly growing "Haystack" standard. These new technologies reach the market through a growing group of practitioner communities, each with deep expertise in their own fields.

The Haystack standard addresses one of the key challenges facing the industry today - the ability for device data to be easily shared among different applications. Smart devices that monitor and control our modern-day world produce vast quantities of data, which can be used to drive efficiencies across virtually any business application including energy, logistics, occupant comfort, procurement, building management and performance and others. One of the core challenges in utilizing this data, however, is the need to make the data self-describing so that it is automatically understood and interpreted by those who depend on it to make intelligent business decisions. Many companies are adopting the Haystack Standard to reduce the cost of implementing solutions for their customers. Customers realize that by extending the range of applications offered to them that can easily interact with smart device data is a wise business practice.

Learn more about Contemporary Control's open-sourced, BAS networking solutions to be displayed at Project Haystack 2105.

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