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Have Confidence in Your Devices

November 2015 - In the crowded world of building management controllers, there are a variety of protocols that are used to make equipment communicate effectively and dependently with one another. One such protocol is BACnet.

BACnet enables Systems Integrators and Building Managers to send and receive information from their PLC devices. While BACnet has proved itself to be a reliable communication protocol, it is important that the OEM's of these devices are able to prove to the System Integrators and Building Managers that their devices are able to read and write BACnet data.

To help prove this, Contemporary Controls has developed a free tool called BACnet Discovery Tool (BDT).

"For OEM's that are providing their equipment into a building automation system requiring a BACnet/IP interface, BDT is a tool that can be used to verify the integrity of the BACnet/IP interface with the OEM's equipment. The OEM can confirm the BACnet data is available prior to handing off the equipment to a building automation integrator or a contractor," said Joe Stasiek, Sales Manager at Contemporary Controls.

To download the tool visit

Once you have downloaded the free software, double click on the BDT icon to open up the main window. Next, press the search button. BDT will then find all of the BACnet devices on your network.


Once you locate your device, double click on it and its points will display.


Select the points from the device and press the "Scan" button. You will now be reading your PLC data as BACnet data.


"BDT can be used as a verification tool for OEM's that are required to provide a BACnet/IP interface to a building automation system, but are uncomfortable or have limited knowledge of BACnet/IP. The OEM can confirm that BACnet/IP data is being read and written prior to handing off the equipment to a building automation integrator or a contractor," said Stasiek.

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