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Sedona Framework Developers meet at Niagara Summit 2016

June 2016 - A group of Sedona Framework developers held their second organizational meeting during Niagara Summit 2016. Companies in attendance for the second meeting included Ontrol, EasyIO, GC5, SysMik/Phoenix Contact, BASSG, Solidyne and Contemporary Controls representing companies that produce Sedona devices or Sedona software. These companies are interested in making Sedona an open control language while encouraging the sharing of hardware independent custom designed Sedona components with the Sedona community. The inaugural meeting of this same group was held during Light+Building show this past March.

Of immediate importance was to determine Triidum's position in supporting Sedona in Niagara4. Although Sedona Framework was developed by Tridium several years ago under an academic free license, Sedona tool and driver support only exists in Niagara 3.7 and 3.8. Tridium arranged for a meeting room for the Sedona developers and attended part of the meeting responding to the group's questions. As a Sedona tool, Workbench4 will not support Sedona device programming. However, in terms of a Sedona driver in Niagara4, Tridium will assist the Sedona developers if they intend to develop such a driver. For smaller IoT devices, Tridium is interested in developing Edge technology to their existing Niagara4 architecture and welcomes the Sedona developers to become active in the process.

Some in the Sedona developers group will certainly investigate Edge but most feel they have working Sedona products today that meet a market need which could be further developed. As for alternate Sedona tools, they exist in the marketplace. As for an open communications protocol, BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP can be used.

The meeting concluded with resolutions to create a legal non-profit organization and open up membership to all those in the Sedona Community - developers and integrators. A website would be created for this new organization and a Google Group has been established. If you would like to be invited into the Google Group, contact Bennet Levine.

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