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EIGR Routers Add OpenVPN Server Functionality

The EIPR-V routers have supported the OpenVPN client functionality to provide secure remote access using the RemoteVPN service. The newly released EIGR routers support this functionality but also can be configured to as an OpenVPN server. Setting up an OpenVPN server on your own is not a trivial task. It involves setting up a root certificate authority and generating certificates and keys for the OpenVPN server and for each client device that intends to connect to this server. The EIGR-V allows you to do all this easily via its built-in webpages on the router itself and without the need to download any software to generate these certificates or keys.

The EIGR-V in the server mode can support up to 15 EIPR-V/EIGR-V routers in the client mode. Up to 15 PC clients (or any device with OpenVPN functionality like Tablets/phones) can be connected to the OpenVPN server. This setup can provide secure remote access to the IP devices on the LAN side of the EIPR-V/EIGR-V OpenVPN client routers. Each device can be accessed with a specific IP address and there is no additional requirement to setup NAT or Port Forwarding on the client routers. Furthermore, the OpenVPN client devices only require internet access – there is no requirement for a static public IP address. The only requirement for a Public IP is for the OpenVPN server router. The OpenVPN server router itself can be connected behind an existing firewall/router with a public IP and have the OpenVPN port forwarded to it.

The EIGR-V OpenVPN server also has additional ability to setup access control. Each PC client can be configured to communicate with 1 or more router clients independent of each other. With its ease of installation and flexibility, the EIGR-V is an ideal setup for troubleshooting and diagnostics for remote access at multiple remote locations.

Visit the EIGR product page to learn more.


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