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Contemporary Controls Welcomes Senator John Curran

Contemporary Controls was proud to welcome State Senator John Curran on August 27 for a meeting with our engineers and a tour of our manufacturing facility. Senator Curran represents 41st District in Illinois, where Contemporary Controls' headquarters are located. The visit was facilitated by the Illinois Manufacturers' Association (IMA). Contemporary Controls is a long-time member of IMA, which is the oldest statewide manufacturing trade association in the United States.

IMA facilities several legislative outreach efforts that connect legislators with local manufacturers. Legislative tours, like the one Senator Curran enjoyed at Contemporary Controls, build a connection between legislators and the manufacturers in their district, and educate the legislators on issues facing our industry today. Contemporary Controls has been manufacturing in Downers Grove, Illinois for more than 30 years and welcomed the opportunity to talk about the vital role manufacturing plays in our national and local economy.

The Downers Grove manufacturing facility has modern Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process lines that paste solder onto blank printed circuit boards (PCBs), place active and passive components onto the pasted PCBs, and then reflow the assembled PCBs through temperature-controlled ovens to create printed circuit board assemblies (PCAs). The PCAs are then tested and packaged as adapters, or assembled into metal enclosures, tested and packaged as finished devices for storage into a warehouse.

Senator Curran is interested in the impact facilities can have on the environment, so we were about to talk about how we are committed to making our manufacturing process as environmentally sustainable as possible. We adhere to the goals of reducing energy consumption, reducing the amount of hazardous materials in our environment, greater recycling, reducing the waste in landfills and the use of fewer natural resources.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we also discussed our involvement with the local community college, College of DuPage (COD). We shared our collaboration with COD's HVAC/R training program. Senator Curran was very supportive of businesses cooperating with local community colleges.

Special thanks to Donovan Griffith, Director of Government Affairs at IMA for facilitating the legislative tour. Visit for more information about the IMA.


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