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Contemporary Controls a Finalist for Multiple ControlTrends Awards

It's awards season! And by that, of course we mean the annual ControlTrends Awards, which recognizes the most innovative products and solutions in the HVAC, Controls and Building Automation industries. Contemporary Controls is a proud finalist in multiple categories for 2018:

  • Building Automation Plant/Equipment Controller of the Year (BAScontrol)
  • Peripheral Vendor of the Year
  • Race to the Small Space Solution of the Year — BASview2
  • Best Technical Support Person — Small Manufacturer (Diego Mateo)
  • Best Technical Support Company — Small Manufacturer
  • ControlTrends Vendor of Year — Small Vendor

If you're a fan our company and products than please take a moment to vote for us at:

We're very pleased to see the BAScontrol getting industry attention, thanks to its support of open source tools and an open programming language, Sedona. Using a BAScontroller and our free programming tools, system integrators can create custom applications using drag and drop programming. Our free pre-built applications, as well as examples of the free tools available for use with our controllers, have become a popular choice with system integrators looking to escape licensing headaches.

We're also pleased that Diego Mateo, on the front lines of our technical support team, is a finalist for "Best Technical Support Person - Small Manufacturer". If a customer has questions or technical issues with one of our products, our technical support rep, Diego Mateo, is the person who takes the call. Diego has a background in installation and maintenance of HVAC systems. He provides technical support for the company's products and services in both English and Spanish. He is EPA certified and Niagara certified.

Finally, be sure to vote for Ken Sinclair as the "ControlTrends Impact Person of the Year". Ken is a tireless promoter of the industry. He welcomes new ideas, champions innovative solutions and continually encourages the industry to hold itself to the highest standards. We're rooting (and voting) for you, Ken!

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